YouTube plans to rival streaming services like Netflix, Disney+ and HBO Max

YouTube channel GoogleO is planning its own video and series streaming platform. According to the most recent information, the North American giant wants to expand its operations and, for that purpose, it can enter the market that Netflix, Disney and HBO now dominate.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the video giant will talk to many movie and entertainment companies. The goal? Find a new business model that could effectively define the birth of another streaming platform, YouTube.

Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max and YouTube TV?

In the wake of the Wall Street Journal, Google’s popular video platform is looking for a new approach to its content. As always, you are looking for new monetization models for your company. In this way, several companies in the entertainment segment will be able to find new inspirations and a store for the channels.

According to YouTube sources, the tech giant will be working on its own content streaming platform for at least 18 months. That means that YouTube producers have been preparing the necessary infrastructure for more than a year and a half to create something similar to Netflix and Disney.

Those same sources may indicate the possibility of having a viewing platform, YouTube TV (hypothetical name) in the fall. And remember that Google is trying to make new products for October, namely its Pixel-powered smartphones, so as not to be excluded from YouTube news.

Alphabets response to trailers from Netflix, Disney, HBO Max and Amazon Prime.

This is apparently an effort managed by Alphabet, the parent company of Google and YouTube, in the face of advances from both Netflix and Disney+ and HBO Max and Amazon Prime. It is important to note that YouTube has already created its original content, although the success of this premium content is certainly evident.

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We will have a channel store that can be launched in various countries as soon as it is ready. At the moment, however, YouTube is still doing a lot of work on the project and its platform, which should allow content creators more business opportunities.

To be discussed now, revenue sharing with monthly subscriptions is expected to be discussed. As reported in the question, terms can vary significantly depending on the company/studio involved.

To the end user, the main advantage will appear to be the option to subscribe to the services offered by their favorite creators, all on the already well-known website. We may have a new platform dedicated to YouTube, but it must also share many similarities with the current website, already known to users.

YouTube, for example, wants to join the streaming giants and allows subscribers to access exclusive content.

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