Worst football ever after Liverpool’s howler justifying ‘600-year ban’

The use of flags and banners by fans at football matches has become a growing phenomenon in recent seasons as fans show their support for their clubs and players.

However, many of the fan-produced flags have been derided on social media for their lack of quality, including a Liverpool flag spotted at the Champions League final in Paris. With references to the Eiffel Tower, Pep Guardiola and Karim Benzema, the flag was torn to pieces by rival supporters, who went so far as to call for the club to be banned from the Champions League.

It’s not the first time fan flags have been derided for poor quality, and here are seven more of the worst football flags of all time.

Crew Alexandra

Crew Alexandra
Crewe Alexandra fans were mocked for the passionate support

Freshly relegated from League One, Crewe Alexandra fans don’t have much to get excited about at the moment. However, some fans of the club remain passionate about their club and their city.

A flag seen at a recent Crewe game even read: ‘Born in Crewe. Live in Crewe. The ones in Crewe.” Opposing fans, however, were less than convinced by the rallying cry displayed on the banner.

In response to a picture of the flag, a rival supporter tweeted: “What a depressing thought.” While another added: “I can’t think of anything worse.”


Fans needed binoculars to read Gerard Deulofeu’s Everton flag

After a first season on loan at Everton, Gerard Deulofeu joined the club permanently from Barcelona in 2015 and spent two years at Goodison Park.

Following his final arrival, two Toffees fans opted to immortalize the Spain winger with a flag showing him celebrating a goal and a touching message.

The only problem, however, was that the message on the banner was so small that you needed binoculars to read it. Meanwhile, Deulofeu managed just eight goals in 75 games before returning to Barcelona in 2017.

Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez
Alexis Sanchez and his dogs were immortalized at Emirates Stadium

Alexis Sanchez bordered on heroic status during his time at Arsenal, with the Chilean striker becoming a fan favorite at the Emirates Stadium.

To show their support for Sanchez, Arsenal fans decided to add a tribute to the winger and his two dogs, Atom and Humber, at their home stadium.

A banner featuring Sanchez and his two dogs and the words “Good Boys” was unveiled ahead of a home game in the Emirates in January 2017. resourceful.

Markus Clattenburg

Manchester United
Manchester United fans mocked Chelsea as they showed their support for Mark Clattenburg

When Manchester United traveled to Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea in November 2012, the arriving fans tried to mock their rivals with a new banner.

Inspired by Chelsea’s “JT Captain, Leader, Legend”. As a tribute to John Terry, United’s new display read: “Clattanburg Referee, Leader, Legend.”

The tribute to controversial former Premier League referee Clattenburg came out more than anything, despite the Red Devils winning 3-2 in west London.

David Moys

David Moys
David Moyes earned the nickname “The Chosen One” after becoming manager of Manchester United

Another United banner brought much ridicule from the club’s supporters a year later after David Moyes was named to succeed legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Reportedly chosen at the request of the outgoing Ferguson, United fans dubbed Moyes ‘The Chosen One’ and produced a banner adorned with a picture of the Scotland boss and that moniker.

The banner held pride of place at Old Trafford throughout Moyes’ tenure, which ended in April 2014 when Moyes was sacked after 51 games as manager of the Red Devils.

Crawley City

Crawley City
Crawley Town fans were disappointed by the poor placement as they posed for a photo

A group of Crawley Town fans were caught on the wrong end of the flag’s poor placement while posing with their creation in January 2017.

The flag of St George included the Union Jack and the insignia of Crawley and the German side Hamburg with the words “Scumbags of Crawley” in the centre.

However, as fans posed for a picture with their flag, one fan held the side of the banner, making it appear as if it said “Cumbags of Crawley” instead.

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho was transformed into Harry Potter by Inter Milan fans in 2010

During Jose Mourinho’s final season as Inter Milan manager, one fan compared the Portuguese manager with a flashy flag to Harry Potter.

When Inter hosted Chievo at the San Siro in May 2010, Mourinho appeared in front of Hogwarts in Potter’s famous wizard’s cloak along with the words: “Harry Mou ei seguaci del mago di Setubal.”

Translated into English, the message reads: “Harry Mou and the Followers of the Wizard of Setubal” and refers to Mourinho’s birthplace.

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