Will I be alone forever? How to find hope when you are tired of being alone | Orna and Matthew Walters

When you’re having a hard time finding a partner and going through long periods of being single, you may find yourself wondering, “Will I be single forever?”

You look for hope in your horoscope. You patronize your local psychic. You pray to your higher power.

If after all this you still do not see results, you may begin to feel that destiny has become an obstacle to happiness.

It’s like there’s some force outside of you conspiring to pull you away from your soul mate, like a window is closing.

Here’s another important question to ask yourself: how much pain do you have to be in to finally have had enough and say goodbye to this story of perpetual loneliness?

How can you break this cycle and find fulfillment?

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How to find hope when you’re worried you’ll be alone forever

The motivation for the biggest changes in life comes from difficult circumstances. Whether you’re changing careers or figuring out your love life, your motivation ultimately comes from your dissatisfaction with your current circumstances.

Use your discomfort and worry as motivation to prove your fears wrong.

Say to yourself: “Enough!”

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