Why Jordan Peele’s Nope is the most anticipated movie of the summer

The weather is heating up as summer approaches, but there’s no need to spend time outside when theaters have plenty of movies to watch. And when it comes to summer movies, at the top of our list is Jordan Peele. Do not.

Everyone who has seen the trailer for Do not, has been speculating about what the movie might be about. Peele is keeping fans in the dark with this movie, but honestly? We are here for that. Going into a movie without knowing much about it can be a great moment. Not to mention, I think Peele has earned our trust when it comes to brilliant stories.

If you’re not excited about Do not, or you just feel indifferent about it, here’s why you need to start worrying.

Jordan Peele’s Nope is the most anticipated movie of the summer

the synopsis of Do not does not offer much information. The description of the plot only shares that the residents of an isolated town in California witness a “mysterious” and “abnormal” event. And, in the trailer, we see these residents staring up at the sky in horror. Aliens, maybe? That’s the most popular guess. But the mystery factor isn’t the only reason we’re all eager for its release.

Jordan Peele quickly gained a following after this directorial debut. Salt, it became a box-office hit, as well as critically praised. The horror elements, the brilliant acting, the unique stories, and the way Peele masterfully connects the plot to real-world issues and problems secured Peele’s place as a great director. We couldn’t wait for Peele’s next project.

Us is the next film that Peele directed, wrote and produced. And while he enjoyed Salt more, it cannot be denied that Us it’s another hit. And, soon, on July 22, we will be able to see Do not.

Horror fans can’t wait to see what Do not will bring and what Easter eggs Jordan Peele will throw at us. As much as we love to stream movies from home, Peele’s movies are made for the big screen. And there is nothing better than summer to go to the movies.

As if we needed another reason, there’s also the brilliant cast. Daniel Kaluuya is back! The Salt Y Black Panther the star is joined by Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, Euphoriaby Barbie Ferreira, and more. Don’t wait for this movie to be available on streaming, watch it on the big screen! And later stream it when it’s available from home, we have a feeling this movie will be one to watch multiple times, as will Salt Y Us.

jordan peele Do not is in theaters July 22, 2022.

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