Who sings “You’ll Never Walk Alone” in European football?

“Go on, go on, With hope in your heart And you’ll never walk alone”

it is the Anthem for Liverpool FC – a favorite among football fans around the world. In the early 1960’s, 1963 to be exact, Gerry & The Pacemakers’ third consecutive No. 1 hit the charts. The Liverpool band became the second to sign to Brian Epstein, right after The Beatles. Liverpool FC adopted ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ as the official motto on their crest when the song became their football anthem.

So yes, indeed, one of the obvious clubs singing it is Liverpool – where it’s ingrained in their blood. This summer, during an Elton John concert, they surprisingly melted together. This won’t be the last time the popular anthem will be sung as the Liverpool Premier League season gets underway at Anfield this weekend as they attempt to once again battle for every competition.

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Who else accepted the song?

Originally written for the 1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel, the song is a heartfelt and sad ballad known around the world. Still, it’s the 1963 version of the song, covered by Merseybeat aces Gerry And The Pacemakers, that’s arguably best known in the UK. Chronologically, after being adopted as the unofficial anthem of Gerry’s hometown of Liverpool FC, it later spread north for inclusion in Celtic’s football anthem sheets, where it is traditionally sung by fans before and during matches. After a 1966 Cup Winners’ Cup semi-final against Liverpool at Anfield, Scottish side Celtic adopted the song to now be sung by Celtic fans, particularly before every European home game. One of the most charming entertainment events was when Celtic and Liverpool played in the 2002/03 UEFA Cup quarter-finals, Gerry Marsden performed the song at Celtic Park before both teams took the field and both fans sang along.

Borussia Dortmund

Having Jurgen Klopp as manager isn’t the only thing Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund have in common. In 1996, when Liverpool played Borussia Dortmund of Germany in the cup final, the Dortmund band Pur Harmony were asked to cover the song. The band stuck by the request, though vocalist Matthias Kartner had doubts about covering a song so closely linked to Liverpool. The band, who are all Dortmund fans, had already covered “Go West” for the club and did it anyway. Since then, the song has been played regularly adopted by the Yellow Wall and sung frequently on match days.

In the Netherlands

The song was also adopted by Dutch club FC Twente. It was officially presented to them by Anfield Stadium spokesman George Sephton. This happened during the last game at Diekman Stadium before moving to the new Arke Stadium. Today, Twente fans sing the song before every home game. Elsewhere in the Netherlands, Feyenoord and SC Cambuur have also adopted the song. It was 2019 when Feyenoord fans claimed they were planning to sing You’ll Never Walk Alone in memory of Fernando Ricksen in a game against Rangers. Some fans were more than happy that this “tribute” took place, trusting it to be genuine and not just an attempt to piss off the club’s fans. Still others felt there were more appropriate tributes to Rangers legend Fernando Ricksen. Nonetheless, the song has stayed with the club ever since.

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