Who is Mervyn Pumpkinhead? Mark Hamill’s character from Netflix x DC’s The Sandman

After much anticipation, Netflix The Sandman is officially available and streaming on the platform. It features the Dream King, Morpheus, as he sets out to save and restore order to the Dream Realm.

Based on the DC Comics series of the same name by Neil Gaiman, the show stars a wide variety of stars and characters.

Netflix x DC The Sandman it also features comics company mainstay Mark Hamill. Famous for playing the Joker in DC animated projects, here he plays the role of Mervyn Pumpkinhead.

With fans riveted on the character, it’s great to see Hamill shine brighter in DC’s live-action projects.

With Mervyn Pumpkinhead standing out in the series, there’s no better time to see his origins in the comics.

Who is Mervyn Pumpkinhead and how does he fit in? The Sandman universe?

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Portrayed by Mark Hamill, Mervyn Pumpkinhead first appeared in sandman #5 and was created by Neil Gaiman. Being a Dream janitor, Pumpkinhead has a pumpkin for a head and resembles a scarecrow.

Cigar smoking with a wisecracking personality, Pumpkinhead is charming.

According to Fandom, his job is to keep up the maintenance of the Kingdom of Dreams. He is tasked with building and demolishing many constructions in the dream.

However, he finds his job a bit unnecessary, considering that the Realm of Dreams can take whatever shape it wants to be.

In a previous incarnation, Mervyn also had a turnip for a head. Being a comic relief character, this was because pumpkins were not well known in Europe in the distant past.

“I travel by bus briefly. I sit up front and talk to the driver.”

Pumpkinhead would also drive a bus during Dream’s absence in the Kingdom of Dreams. When Morpheus returns and gets on a bus, he sees that the driver is Pumpkinhead.

He would fight the Furries as well, but sadly would be destroyed before reincarnating as New Dream in the Wake.

I need to see Mervyn Pumpkinhead I NEED TO SEE HIM

The story of Mervyn Pumpkinhead is quite deep and The Sandman does a great job of showing the relationship between him and Dream. The cigar-smoking jack-o-lantern makes great sense to him, and with Hamill’s talent at the forefront, he creates a delightful timepiece.

Mervyn Pumpkinhead was also previously voiced by Kevin Smith in the audio novel version of these comics. Smith also brought his own charm to the character and provided memorable voice acting.

Looking at #Sandmanon Netflix and I love it. The casting is fantastic, the images are wonderful. Also @patonoswalt like Matthew and @MarkHamill like Mervyn Pumpkinhead 😘 I really hope for a second season. Now to rewatch all 10 episodes again. #Sandman

The Sandman The universe is filled with many supernatural elements that make this classic Gaiman story a joy to read. The Netflix series has opened up to rave reviews by bringing a great sense of gravitas to the world of comics.

It’s nice to see that a project considered impossible to film is having a great reception. Readers can check The Sandman as streamed on Netflix.

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