When will Avatar 2 be available on Amazon, Netflix and Disney Plus?

No one should be surprised that Avatar: The Path of Water it turned out to be a huge box office success. The movie made nearly $1.75 billion as of this writing, which is another post-pandemic box office record. There are still more than a billion dollars left to avatars Box office gross of 2.92 billion dollars, but the path of water you still have time to make up some of that difference. And if you’re waiting avatar 2 to access streaming services like Disney Plus, Netflix, Amazon, or HBO, then kick back. An extra wait awaits you.

The long-awaited sequel offers the next chapter in the saga, telling a story that takes place a decade after the original. In addition to finding out what Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) have been up to for the past decade, avatar 2 It also continues the exploration of the incredible world of Pandora. If you thought you’d seen everything there was to see about this amazing planet in the first movie, you’re in for a big surprise.

All that storytelling and worldbuilding needs time, which explains the movie’s whopping 3:15 hour running time. If you are a fan of AvatarTime will fly by as you explore the planet and enjoy the action.

But not everyone will want to sit down to watch such a long movie in a theater. That’s where streaming services come in, and avatar 2 will be available to play at home in the near future.

even if you see the path of water in theaters, you’ll still want to rewatch it from home once it’s out.

Scene from the final trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water.
Scene from the final trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water. Image source: YouTube

When will Avatar 2 arrive on Disney Plus?

There is good and bad news about streaming avatar 2 at home. This is a Disney movie, which means the movie will almost certainly be heading to Disney Plus once its theater window closes. It’s unclear when that will happen, as the movie spent less than a month in theaters.

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the path of water it was released on December 16 and is still doing well in theaters. There is no real competitor to steal from moviegoers avatar 2, so many people could continue to buy tickets for the sequel. And some people will want to see it again in theaters while it’s still playing.

Currently, there is no Disney Plus release date for avatar 2. But Disney should announce it sometime in the next few months.

Before Disney Plus, it was to be expected avatar 2 to reach the usual channels. HBO, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video would have been some of the streaming options for the sequel. But it’s unclear if Disney will make such deals with competing services.

Agreement the path of water a Disney Plus exclusive could turn more people into paying customers. that’s why it releases the path of water on other streaming sites it seems unlikely.

Logo of Avatar: The Way of Water.
Logo of Avatar: The Way of Water. Image source: YouTube

When avatar 2 be available on Amazon?

Although it is unlikely to transmit avatar 2 on Amazon Prime Video, the film should be available on Amazon later this year. That is, you can rent or buy the path of water from Amazon, Apple, Google and all the usual places that support digital movie releases.

Like streaming, there is no release date available for the digital/Blu-ray version of avatar 2. Disney should announce more details once the path of water ends its theatrical run in the coming weeks.

Home video, including digital releases, could generate additional revenue that can be very significant. That is, we should not be surprised to see avatar 2 release on digital and Blu-ray platforms before it hits streaming.

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In other words, there is the possibility avatar 2 comes to Amazon before Disney Plus. But in such a scenario, you would pay to rent or buy the movie on Amazon and other platforms. While the Disney Plus avenue only requires a monthly subscription to the service.

In any case, we should learn more details about Disney’s home release and streaming intentions for avatar 2 early.

In the meantime, you can rewatch the original. Avatar on Disney Plus while you wait for the release of the sequel.

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