“When something needs to be done, football fans come together,” says Mariners Trust after an incredible fundraiser

A fundraiser to support families struggling to afford the cost of tickets to Grimsby Town’s crucial play-off final at the London Stadium has raised over £14,000 in one day.

Ticket prices for the upcoming National League play-off finals have sparked outrage among GTFC fans. The Mariners Trust launched a fundraiser to help families struggling to afford tickets and almost immediately raised a staggering sum.

Kristine Green, Chair of The Mariners Trust, told Grimsby Live: “The fundraiser wasn’t really our idea, it was something that some fans contacted us about. Ticket prices and transportation are massively expensive and with the cost of living in crisis we thought “how can we help?”.

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“So we wanted to do something to lump everyone together, and we didn’t want to just use that for kid tickets because the adult who’s going then has to come up with the money for a ticket first.

“So we said we’re going to use the money for families. We’ve had a few emails from families who can’t afford to go so we’ll be pooling all the money and that will help with ticket costs and transport costs if needed on the day and it will take the stress out of families.

Fans at the Vanarama National League Play-Off Final at Wembley Stadium between Grimsby Town FC and Forest Green Rovers FC on 15th May 2016
Fans at the Vanarama National League Play-Off Final at Wembley Stadium between Grimsby Town FC and Forest Green Rovers FC on 15th May 2016

Of the amount of money raised, Kristine said: “I think we’re down to around £14,000 now – that was the last confirmed sum. We weren’t expecting more than a few grand and within two hours I had £4,000 already. Many of the donations come from Wrexham fans. Every time I check there’s a new donation from a Wrexham fan. It’s incredible.

She added: “We’re putting the finishing touches on but we’ll be ordering and forwarding the tickets, so if they come through we’ll forward them to the family.

“Football gets a lot of negative press and as a fan base it just shows how well the football community comes together. If something needs to be done, football fans will come together and do it.”

Bottom tier tickets are £40 but these are now sold out. Adult tickets cost £45 for an upper tier seat. After appearing to have no discounted tickets available for Under-16s in the Oberliga, the club issued a statement last night (Monday 30 May) that they are now available.

Commenting on ticket prices, the Mariners Trust also wrote on its website: “The Mariners Trust is extremely disappointed to see the cost of tickets to the National League Final considering there are no perks at all in the senior division and only for the juniors in the junior division 16-year-olds, it gets even more difficult – football can’t be for everyone with this price structure.

“How can it be when a family of four has the potential to spend £132.99 and £171.96 when taking the bus to find £304.95 in a week and that’s without food or drink and that all during a tough livelihood crisis We’ve already seen that some fans are desperate, they just can’t afford it, while others will use whatever means possible because it’s just not an option for them after a past season without football, not in it to be.

“Adding to all of this is the fact that the host stadium will be in the capital during the anniversary weekend – new information for none of us, but puzzling nonetheless. Since London Stadium was announced as the venue, the Trust I have contacted the Football Supporters Association to find out the reason for the venue but unfortunately have not been able to get any replies.

“Football is nothing without fans, so we openly ask the National League to get in touch with us and help us understand the venue and the resulting prizes. Whether or not Grimsby Town is part of the National League next season, regular dialogue about decisions that will impact and affect supporters of member clubs needs to happen going forward.”


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