What is the net worth of Bella Thorne? Is awesome

Bella Thorne

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A lot has changed for actress Bella Thorne since her Disney Channel days in Move it. But then again, that’s to be expected for an artist of her caliber.

And now that he’s showing his fancy house on MTV cots, we need to know: what is Bella Thorne’s net worth? Due to her impressive career thus far, the actress, singer, model, and director has earned a lot of money.

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Whether you know Bella from her child star days, one of her few hit movies, or the OnlyFans fiasco of 2020, chances are her name sounds very familiar to you. You will most likely see her more in the near future. And no, it won’t be for a Move it reunion with Disney Channel success story Zendaya, even if we’re still holding out hope for that.

Bella Thorne

Source: Getty Images

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What is the net worth of Bella Thorne?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Bella is worth $12 million. She’s not a huge surprise, given her movie career and her social media earnings. She was most recently in an episode of american horror stories and the 2022 direct-to-digital film Love game. She has also directed music videos and in 2019, Bella directed the adult film She he.

Bella Thorne

Actor, Director, Singer, Model

Bella Thorne is an actress known for the Disney Channel series. Move it. She has also been in several movies, including Amityville: The Awakening Y Mixed.

Date of birth: October 8, 1997

Place of birth: Pembroke Pines, Florida.

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birth name: Annabella Thorne

Dad: Reynaldo Thorne

Mother: Tamara Thorne

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Bella Thorne shared her stunning home on MTV’s ‘Cribs.’

Bella is one of the subjects of the episode of January 12, cots. If that cotsthat MTV rebooted with what appear to be the actual homes of stars of different calibers.

But long before that, Bella’s old house was a hot commodity when she put it on the market in 2020. Her old house, which is a must-see dark pink, even made an appearance on TV once. cots Snapchat account.

But now that Bella has different digs, naturally, she had to show them on the actual MTV series. And her home is a testament to the success she’s had in her career, regardless of what she’s working on at any given time.

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Bella Thorne once “broke the internet” by joining OnlyFans.

Although Bella is an actress, singer, model, director, and even a jeweler, she apparently joined the popular adult video website OnlyFans in 2020. And in doing so, she reportedly temporarily crashed the website.

He made over $1 million in his first 24 hours on the site and broke a record at the time. These days, it seems like Bella is still on the adult website, but she’s also focused on other projects in her professional life and her OnlyFans gimmick doesn’t seem to be a stuff more.

Bella joins dozens of other celebrities who have allowed MTV’s cots cameras in your house. And while it’s clear that she makes her living in the entertainment business, it’s always hard not to wonder how much someone like Bella is worth.

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