Weekly Top News: Disabled Dog Abandoned Twice in a Day, Gamekeeper Dumps Raptor Carcasses Down Well, Deep Ocean Turbine Could Provide Constant Renewable Energy and More!

Every Friday, One Green Planet brings you the top news of the week. For those of you who don’t have a lot of time to read the news every day, this will be a great resource and an easy way to catch up! Here you will find different categories of news, a synopsis of the main stories and links to each article published during the week.

1. Animal rights and welfare news

Tonka the chimpanzee in a sanctuary

Source: KSDK News/Youtube

As always, we had plenty of news to cover in the world of animal rights and welfare. This week we saw happy and hopeful stories, as well as some dark and depressing ones. Some of the more notable stories included Tiger King Star, Doc Antle arrested by the FBI on money laundering charges, famous chimpanzee actor Tonka found alive after owner faked his death, animal shelter providing housing for pets of owners going through drug or alcohol treatment, ranger caught Throwing nine carcasses of raptors into a well in England’s largest bird of prey chase investigation, dog chained and dragged behind vehicle along Along a Soccer Field, Disabled Dog Abandoned by Owners Twice in One Day, Family Mourns the Death of Their Beloved Dog After He Was Shot and Killed by a Neighbor, and Eighteen People Prosecuted for Running a Giant Illegal Network horse meat trade.

Here are the other top animal stories of the week:

2. Earth and Environment News

Dry and cracked earth in Chile

Source: Claudia Bosch/Shutterstock

There were plenty of environmental stories this week that gave us hope for the future and reminded us how far we still have to go. Some of the most memorable stories included Chile’s drought has left the country with a national security problem, traffic noise significantly slows children’s memory development, new study finds, Republic of Environment Minister Dominican Republic shot to death in his office, the Biden administration announces plans to protect the oceans, including a ban on single-use plastics in national parks, and New Zealand announces a plan to charge farmers for emissions from their livestock.

Here are the other top Earth stories of the week:

3. News of life

Leather skins

Source: RAF Commercial/Shutterstock

This week in life, news, cruelty and innovation took center stage in new documentary, SLAY, exposes animal exploitation in the fashion industry, Stephanie Hongo takes old trash and turns it into stunning eco-friendly pieces of animals and how to grow your own lemons at home. .

4. Plant-Based Food News

Two flavors of Daiya cheese

Source: Daiya/Press release

There was a lot of excitement in the world of plant-based food news this week, including TikTok tip: How to store fruits and vegetables to last longer, Daiya announces new vegan cheeses: Grilled Cheese Block and Cheese Block. Feta, and Plant-Based Flavor Lightlife Foods Partners with Disney to Promote the New Buzz Lightyear Movie. In other news, the expert says the solution to higher beef and chicken prices is to produce more meat. Here’s why it’s a bad idea.

5. Natural Health News

Woman in oversized jeans

Source: Dmytro Flisak/Shutterstock

This week, a nutritionist shared her thoughts on dieting in 5 Reasons Why Dieting To Lose Weight Is The Worst Thing You Can Do For Your Health.

6. Human interest stories

gun control demonstration

Source: Ryan Rahman/Shutterstock

This week we saw many human interest petitions, including Petition: Justice Buffalo Shooting Victims, Petition: Fire Chicago Police Officer Who Shot Unarmed 13-Year-Old Boy, Petition: Ohio State Doctor Abused Student Fighters and Petition: Ask Congress to Give Rural Americans Internet Access At Home.

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