Weekly Tarot horoscope for each zodiac sign for January 16 to 22, 2023

The weekly tarot horoscope for each zodiac sign is here with predictions by zodiac sign, starting on January 16, 2023.

We never really consider how much pressure we feel during the start of the new year.

It’s as if we put all our energy into creating these miraculous resolutions and then, in the middle of the month, we feel suffocated by them, as if their mere existence shows us what we are capable or unable to do.

And if we don’t dare live up to our expectations, we push ourselves over the edge, so to speak. This is the week in which we are hardest on ourselves, from January 16 to 22.

The weekly tarot for each zodiac sign will advise and guide us, but it is up to us to allow ourselves a breather.

Yes, we’ve put pressure on ourselves, but that doesn’t mean pressure is necessarily bad; not by far! What makes it worse is the moment we allow it.

If we anticipate a big hit by a certain date and don’t get it, some of us may just give up and walk away; the pressure we put on ourselves to achieve and conquer is too much… and it doesn’t have to be that way.

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In the land of astrology, we have two main transits that will influence us this week: direct Mercury and Aquarius Sun.

It’s as if Mercury clears the room to make room for the glorious and always happy Sun of Aquarius to rule for a month. The Tarot intervenes with prophecies and enlightening ways to see what awaits us this week.

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