Want to make India proud at international level: Deeksha Joshi

By Sanya Pandey

New Delhi, May 31 (UNI) Deeksha Joshi, a familiar face in the Gujarati film industry, who recently made his big Bollywood debut with Ranveer Singh’s leading man ‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar’, wants to make India proud internationally.

Deeksha played the role of Preeti, the sister of Jayesh (Ranveer) in Divyang Thakkar’s comedy-drama ‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar’. In a phone interview with UNI, Deeksha talked about where she wants to see herself in and after five years.

“In the next five years I want to be able to do more mature characters. I also want to make sure I invest in a cause that is bigger than me and my life, maybe social activism coupled with really good acting, projects that help me grow as a person and vice versa,” he said.

“After five years I want to see myself perhaps making my country proud internationally. That’s where I want to see myself. I want to go to acting schools if possible so I can hone my skills, and I want to experience a lot,” said Deeksha.

Speaking about Preeti and how it happened, Deeksha said, “Actually, I auditioned for another character, but Divyang, the director, called me and said that you had been cast for the character of Preeti. He explained the arc of the character to me, and honestly, I couldn’t be happier, because the character was such an interesting and eccentric person. And I had never played someone like her in my career until then, so I was obviously very excited to explore something new and I also loved the arc that Divyang brought to the character, it was absolutely beautiful. So I was even more excited and happy to do it.”

The film features a stellar cast of Ranveer Singh, Boman Irani, Ratna Pathak Shah, among others. If she felt any pressure working with them, Deeksha said, “Yes, of course she was nervous because she knew that she was going to work with Boman, Ranveer and Ratna mam. But it all kind of fizzled out after I started filming because everyone was so warm and welcoming to me so I settled in real quick and I didn’t feel like I was new to Bollywood and these are all veterans that I’m working with so just be It made for a very smooth ride for me because they were so understanding, kind and welcoming.”

On how her transition from the Gujarati to Hindi film industry went and if she faced any challenges, the 29-year-old actress said, “There was no such challenge when I transitioned from Gujarati films to Hindi. There has been no particular challenge, honestly it has been very good for me because I came to Mumbai two and a half years ago and that is exactly when I got ‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar’. So I came to Mumbai with a film.”

“I will consider myself very lucky that I didn’t have to like to come here and then wait a good number of months or years and then get a role. I came here with a movie and after that in lockdown I even managed to do other Hindi movies. Honestly, I am very lucky to have these two projects and also the Gujarati movies kept happening simultaneously. There are many films in preparation that are going to be released. Overall, it’s been a little soft for me and it’s been really good,” he said.

Speaking about her bond with Ranveer, Deeksha said, “He is a very funny person and a very kind soul, and I also feel that he is very full of love. There’s a fun element that he adds to the set, although he’s very honest with his work, at the same time it’s just as funny. So I think I got those vibes and it didn’t feel like I was working with a super/mega star, it just felt like I was working with another friend of mine who I might have met after a long time maybe. That’s how smooth it was and how comfortable it honestly made me feel off-screen.”

If you can relate to Preeti in real life, the diva of ‘Prem Prakaran’ fame said: “Preeti is definitely very different from Deeksha because Preeti is very street smart, wacko. Deeksha is also quirky and there is this naughtiness about Deeksha that Preeti also has, but Deeksha is not very street smart. I need to learn these things from Preeti. I think I’ve absorbed a couple of traits from Preeti. She is very childish and at the same time mature, very impulsive. She is like the person in the group who can crack the code at any crisis point, while Deeksha, on the other hand, becomes very impatient and anxious.”

On the aspects he considers before signing on to any project, Deeksha said, “I read the script, then I read the synopsis. If I like them then I ask the team what and how the character is. What is character chart. I usually like characters that are very different from anything I’ve done in the past or maybe the script, if the script has something special to offer that intrigued me then I’d like to do it. So, of course, it’s the director.”

Deeksha also said that she likes Shefali Shah, Ratna Pathak Shah and Konkana Sen. “I really admire Rasika Dugal. I think Tillotama Shome is a brilliant actress and a wonderful human being.”

The actress has four Gujarati movies and two Gujarati web series that are about to be released this year. “I have another Hindi movie coming out this year. Now I have back-to-back monthly releases,” she added.

Born in Lucknow, Deeksha made her acting debut in 2017 with the movie ‘Shubh Aarambh’.


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