Walsall and Notts County battle for Doncaster striker

Notts County and Walsall are set to go head-to-head this summer to try to wrestle Joe Dodoo away from Doncaster Rovers, Sun journalist Alan Nixon reports.

The striker has scored four goals and one assist in total this season in the third division but couldn’t prevent his side from being dropped into the second division. With the side now looking to regroup and head straight back to the first division, they could look to sack part of their squad.

The 26-year-old is a name to spark interest – but also a player Rovers may not be able to get rid of. Considering he made 33 appearances for the team over the course of the season, he remains a key first-team player.

Notts County, however, are willing to beef up the money to try and lure him out of the EFL entirely and into their squad to help them get promoted. Walsall are also in need of a forward and Nixon has said they are interested in Dodoo, although the side are only just staying afloat in the fourth division this season. Their top scorer was George Miller at 12 but he was only on loan to the club and they could use another strong reinforcement.

Dodoo certainly has a lot of experience in the Football League and has proven he can score goals in the third division. He has played for Wigan and Blackpool to name but two and has now also played at Doncaster.

If he’s used frequently by both sides again, it could be a good move for both if Rovers are willing to let him go.

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The judgment

Dodoo might not be the flashiest or most appealing signing for many, but he could be just what Walsall or Notts County needs.

The latter of the two is currently not in the Football League and based on the fact that the striker has scored as high as he has in League One with Doncaster, signs suggest regular non-League football will lead to a decent return could . Notts County wants a promotion and Dodoo could certainly help with that.

As for Walsall, they have struggled to stay afloat in the second tier and with regular first-team appearances in the fourth tier with the club, the striker has once again been able to flourish a league lower. He may have only scored four goals for Doncaster this season but it’s dropping them down a division and that tally could at least double.

He can definitely be a decent option in attack, even if he’s not a line leader and more of a squad member. Either way, if a deal can be struck it shouldn’t be too bad a deal for the club who can sign him.

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