Video of Jake Paul kicking a football goes viral for the scariest of reasons – Thick Accent

Fueled by its success and prestige, Liverpool FC is known as a football powerhouse. Well loved around the world, worship for the Red seems to have increased recently, particularly in the United States.

Their PR in the States improved after they were acquired by Fenway Sports Group and of course it has continued to increase as superstars like LeBron James have been linked to the club. All of this led to an influx of Americans to join the Reds’ ranks, and while more fans are always welcome, a few undesirables began to creep in.

One such figure is YouTuber/boxer Jake Paul, the self-proclaimed “problem kid” who has a habit of landing in controversy that has earned him some internet notoriety. During Liverpool’s UCL run this season, Paul expressed his support for the Reds in a series of tweets and seemed particularly fond of Mo Salah.

Most online fans weren’t exactly pleased with his endorsement, and when the 25-year-old’s latest tweet provided an opportunity for a bit of trolling, they made the most of it.

His last tweet came just before the UCL final, it included a clip of Paul demonstrating his footballing skills and showing his support for the Reds.

As seen in the clip, he first alludes to the UCL final as a ‘championship game’ before dedicating his upcoming shot to Salah.

What follows is a display of truly amateurish technique as Paul manages to screw up the inrun by trailing his feet, no sign of form here. The punch is tame to say the least, with essentially no power or placement behind it. The keeper apparently had no intention of making an effort and just let it slide.

His emphatic celebrations didn’t help his case as Paul looked genuinely proud of the strike.

Football Twitter is known for being quite unforgiving at times and when Paul’s inept attempt presented itself, fans had a great day.

“If Crypto were a soccer player,” one user wrote, while another chimed in, “the hardest shot I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Needless to say, his technique took the spotlight when one user exclaimed, “This is how the emos at school used to hit a ball in sports,” while another commented, “Last time I saw anyone kick a ball like that.” , was Dianna Ross is the opening ceremony of the 1994 World Cup”.

Another quipped, “This is what it looks like when I kick a ball with the wrong foot.”

People expressed concern about the future of soccer in the US: “So many Americans are so athletic but have no soccer technique at all, I really fear them as a nation once they start taking soccer seriously.”

British YouTuber Chris Dixon couldn’t resist even a dig when he wrote – “Tell me you have kicked a ball 4 times in your life without telling me you have kicked a ball 4 times in your life”.

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