Tragedy as football-loving Grimsby father, 42, dies suddenly

A Grimsby family say they left a “massive hole” in their lives after the sad death of football-loving father Mark Callanan.

Mark died suddenly aged just 42 on Thursday May 12, shortly after playing video games with his son. After becoming out of breath, he collapsed and within 10 minutes the family’s life was turned upside down.

Paramedics worked on Mark for two hours, he could not be brought back and unfortunately he never regained consciousness. Paying tribute to Mark, mum Linda and wife Nikki said he was a shy man but was a kind man who enjoyed talking to people as he got to know them. Mark was also a big Manchester United fan and always accompanied the horses with his father.

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Commenting on Mark’s death, his wife Nikki Callanan said: “Since his death we have not known what to do with ourselves. Mark has always worked from home so there’s a strange silence in the house now. It left a huge hole.” Family.

“He was such a good father to his son Jacob, 7, and stepson Kieran, 16. He had been wrestling with Jacob on the PS4 in the mornings, but by the afternoon he was sitting down and struggling to breathe. In 10 minutes he had collapsed internally. Paramedics worked on him and he responded, but he never regained consciousness and died at the family home.”

She added: “Some of my best memories with Mark went to Manchester. I remember booking him a tour of Old Trafford like he had never done before. After that he was obsessed and always wanted to go to Manchester.”

Mark ran a number of different shops under the 19seventy9 brand, including a sweet shop in Abbeygate (pictured) and a craft shop in Scartho
Mark ran a number of different shops under the 19seventy9 brand, including a sweet shop in Abbeygate (pictured) and a craft shop in Scartho

Mum Linda spent a lot of time with Mark and worked with him in her shop 19seventy9 in Scartho and Grimsby. She explained, “The store wasn’t really taking off and people in the art community were saying they didn’t have a place to show their work. Mark had some bare walls in the shop and it really grew from there.

“It was nice working with my son, but that makes it even harder now that he’s gone. We always drove him around and had daily contact. I’m really grateful that I spent time with him, but I don’t know how to describe things, now he’s not here. We stick together as a family to get through this, we need everyone to get through this.

Speaking about the future of the store, Linda said: “I will try to keep the store going, but it is much more difficult on my own. I think he would have wanted me to continue it.” She added, “I have great memories of Mark. He was a top athlete and was part of the Harriers in the area, he was a great runner and really good at the long jump.”

A celebration of Mark’s life will be held at Grimsby Crematorium on Friday 10 June at 10.30am. The family has asked that all mourners wear a splash of color in his memory.

Donations in memory of Mark can be sent to either Diabetes UK Wells Lawrence House, 126 Back Church Lane London E1 1FH or Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance Headquarters HEMS Way Off, Sleaford Rd, Lincoln LN4 2GW.


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