Ticket to Life: Another missed goal by the filmmaker [Pulse Contributor’s Opinion]

How I went to the cinema to see ticket to life, I made an effort to put an end to any negative impressions of the filmmaker. My first interaction with the director was through his film. wild Tanwa, which was loathed by many moviegoers, commentators, and critics for a variety of reasonable reasons.

adebayo adebayo reviewing wild tanwa for Film Rats Club writes that “It’s really hard to find something to like about this movie. You can point to its cinematography and set design, which were pretty good, but even that’s a low bar for Nollywood these days. The generous critic might also point out that Bimbo Ademoye is the only one who acts like she cares and is truly the beacon in the sea of ​​mediocrity that this film is.

I have the same impression after seeing wild tanwatherefore, I chose not to write or post a review because the film, as at the time, already had little to no chance of succeeding in the film industry due to the onslaught of unfavorable reviews.

I waited and murmured words of prayer in my head before entering the cinema to see ticket to life that it would act as revenge for the director, so I had to deal with a considerable part of my bad opinion of him and his work.

The synopsis of the movie as in the press release said that the feature follows naphisat traveling to Lagos from the village in search of greener pastures, he soon realizes that the pastures are not as green as they seem upon discovering a disturbing secret and now must make a deal with an archenemy to preserve his only means of survival.

Don’t be fooled by the synopsis in the press release, the movie is nothing like it, at least it’s not that interesting or cohesive.

The film is the story of Katherine and Joshua (cute osyphus Y Christian Ochiagha), a couple struggling to conceive a child, and is told in ticket to life in a way reminiscent of wild tanwa. They come up with a plan to conceive as the husband’s mother (tina mba) is breathing down their necks.

They decide to use Nafisat (Kubra Emokpaire), a village girl who was brought to Lagos by her boyfriend Leo (Sambasa Nzeribe), as a substitute, but things quickly get out of hand.

ticket to life is riddled with problems. But first, let’s analyze the narrative using the principle of likelihood as a guide. A film has credibility if it feels realistic and the narrative includes elements, themes, and people that seem comparable or accurate to real life, or emulate believable parts of reality in significant or essential ways.

The impact of the film will be diminished or unimpressive if a character cannot be believed, either in or out of his “fictional” setting on screen.

This idea is betrayed by ticket to lifewhich presents the story in a way that casts doubt on how rational the choices the characters make are, even though the plot is meant to seem humanistic and universal.

The few characters that change in this movie don’t change “naturally”. In a scene that’s meant to include the inciting incident, I thought, “This is possibly the worst inciting incident I’ve ever seen on film.” For the viewers, it is unacceptable that the characters betray the world they live in.

All the characters in a movie live in one world. Whether fictional or otherwise. However, they have common goals and experiences.

The mechanics of their antagonistic journey should resemble a life story in which we can imagine the virtue or sacrifice of the journey to make it worthwhile and the character’s resolve again, in victory or tragedy, meaningful even with suspension of disbelief. . Your fight should resonate with audience members.

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The performance in ticket to life by most of the cast members is flat. the chemistry between cute osyphus Y Christian Ochiagha it looks terribly dull. Perhaps it is the result of Christain’s robotic and emotionless behavior.

In most scenes, including him, all I could wish for is for a merciful hail storm to strike and save me from consuming the mess that served me as a visual meal.

I haven’t had a problem with a movie soundtrack in a long time, but ticket to lifeThe music of gave me a lot to think about. In the rare cases where the music doesn’t contradict the action, it’s overpowering or poorly done, so the music doesn’t sound like an original score, leaving behind a cacophony of terrifying effects.

Perhaps the music was added to the images after downloading them from a source without copyright restrictions.

Like wild tanwacinematography and production design ticket to life it can be praised, but only if you don’t juxtapose it with current designs and images in Nollywood. If one is going to do that, ticket to lifeThe cinematography of is below average.

a lot is wrong with ticket to life. Yes wild tanwa is an “Ode to Pain”, ticket to life it is the pain itself. Unbearable pain.

Makeup team, little scars don’t take years to heal.

Why do people suddenly develop an accent when they receive small amounts of money?

What was that monologue at the end?

Even Tina Mba’s prolific performance couldn’t save a sinking ship.

Disclaimer: This article is the opinion of a Pulse contributor, it does not reflect the views of the company.

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