This is what a fully autonomous taxi looks and sounds like: ‘Absolutely not’

TikToker Sophia Lovasz (@sosobombs) filmed her ride in a fully self-driving taxi, and TikTokers went wild.

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Lovasz is a TikToker from Arizona who has been testing the region’s new fully autonomous taxi service and sharing her experiences on TikTok. In a recent video, Lovasz recorded her ride in a self-driving taxi and revealed exactly what happens when you call a self-driving taxi.

The video begins with a shot from the back seat of the self-driving taxi. A touchscreen display hangs from the front passenger seat, and below it are several informational brochures tucked into a seat pocket.

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“This is what starting a fully autonomous taxi ride sounds like,” Lovasz writes in a caption.

“Good evening, Sophia,” reads the touch screen, displaying Lovasz’s destination address. The car’s engine rumbles quietly in the background as Lovasz walks up and presses a button that says, “Start Trip.”

Almost instantly, the car springs into action. The sound of the locks clicking into place can be heard, and then the steering wheel begins to turn.

“Heading to 99 Ranch Market,” says the voice from the car’s navigation system. “Please make sure your seat belt is fastened.”

The car starts to speed up and Lovasz drives off! The steering wheel turns on its own and the driver’s seat is completely empty. The car then slowly navigates through a parking lot, turns down different aisles, and waits for other cars to pass.

The wheel deftly turns as the car moves through the parking lot, making sharp turns with impressive precision. The video ends as the car pulls out of the parking lot and begins to pull out onto the street.

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Mixed TikTokers Reactions

Some viewers were excited about the futuristic car, while others had reservations.

“No no no no no absolutely not,” one viewer wrote.

“My heart rate would be 140 for the entire ride,” another TikToker commented.

“My toxic trait is that I have 100% faith in this car,” another viewer joked.

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