The Way Of Water Graphics Course For $1.9 Billion Worldwide

It’s easy to navigate ahead like Avatar: The Path of Water charts a $1.9 billion course at the global box office this weekend, inevitably nearing a $2+ billion finish.

James Cameron’s sci-fi sequel to the 2009 box office giant Avatar It started off strong in December and in just a few short weeks it has already racked up one of the biggest box office earnings in movie history. Continues to thrill audiences around the world and surpass previous 2022 release Top Gun: Maverick as the biggest release of the year, Avatar: The Path of Water It’s not even close to being done yet.

By the close of business on Thursday, Avatar: The Path of Water it should sit somewhere around $1.78 +/- billion as it heads into its fifth weekend of release, and will top or be very close to $1.9 billion. If it breaks $1.9 billion, the next question is whether it breaks that threshold enough to break Spider-Man: No Way Home’s $1.916 billion and is ranked #6 on the all-time global box office charts.

From there, Avatar: The Path of Water it is up against only those films with totals above the $2 billion mark. Avengers: infinity war sits at #5 with $2.048 billion, and not far behind is $2.069 billion Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens at 4.

So, with several weeks at the box office before any major competitors arrive, avatar 2 you must have enough time and momentum to take it at least high enough to overcome infinity war and entered the top five highest-grossing films of all time in movie history. That’s a low number, so it’s more likely that Avatar sequel will enjoy enough sustained attendance to take fourth place in the force awakens.

Taller is more of a challenge at that point though. Come on February 17, Avatar: The Path of Water will cede much of its theater space to the newcomer Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania from Marvel Studios. So making a run at of the titanic $2.194 billion racked up for third place on all-time box office charts look further avatar 2 hold.

And keep in mind, Titanic returns to theaters for a brief run on February 10 in a high frame rate 4K HDR 3D remastered release, sure to propel the colossal picture past $2.2 billion. So it will be much more difficult for Avatar: The Path of Water to lick it. And I think, at the risk of breaking the cardinal rule “never bet against James Cameron”, that within a month Avatar: The Path of Water you’ll have slowed down and missed enough screens for new blockbusters, and you won’t be able to muster the drive to keep chasing Titanic.

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But make no mistake, when Avatar: The Path of Water finishes its first theatrical run well above $2+ billion and probably more in the $2.1+/- billion range, it will be a terrific hit that will give Cameron three of the top four grossing movies of all time. . It’s impossible to frame that as anything more than a landmark achievement for the filmmaker, though I’m sure certain opposing corners of entertainment journalism will try to find a way to do it anyway.

Gave Avatar: The Path of Water a glowing review, and the film makes my list of the 20 best movies of 2022, which you can read here. The public obviously agrees, and this time the film will also enjoy a lot more merchandising opportunities, from toys to games and costumes, as well as T-shirts and glasses and all sorts of other tie-ins that will generate huge additional revenue streams.

All this helps further cement the Avatar the impressive popularity of the franchise and, yes, I’m going to say it again, its cultural impact, which in turn will ensure avatar 3 and future sequels continue to perform at top levels of the charts. At the end of your tour, Avatar: The Path of Water he will probably have covered the production costs for himself and avatar 3with the way things are going then avatar 3 the inevitable massive ticket sales will mostly be the icing on the cake.

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But for now, the focus will be on whether Avatar: The Path of Water comes in at $1.9 billion, and whether or not it threatens the No. 6 spot of all time at the box office. It’s also worth noting that the Disney family of studios now owns five of the top seven spots on that all-time movie list (the first Avatar would give them six of the top seven spots, but of course that movie released by 20th Century Fox before it was bought by Disney).

I’ll be back with more box office updates this weekend and next week, so stay tuned and be sure to check back soon for more, dear readers. And if you’re venturing to see Avatar: The Path of Water For the first or fifth time, be sure to wear a mask and help protect not only yourself, but also those who are immunosuppressed and others around you. Remember, Covid and the flu are still out there, so stay safe!

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