The secrets of Daniel Levy’s Tottenham transfer window have been revealed in the Gareth Bale recording

Darren Eales was Tottenham’s former manager and spent around four and a half years at N17 with Daniel Levy as his boss. It means the current president of MLS side Atlanta United knows all about what goes on behind closed doors at Spurs, especially during the transfer windows.

Since the arrival of Antonio Conte, the Lilywhites have improved significantly both on and off the pitch and there is hope that the upcoming transfer window will be very busy. On Tuesday, Tottenham announced ENIC had made a £150million investment understand that the bulk of it will be used to support the Italian during the transfer window.

It has been known for some time that the Spurs boss would hold a post-season meeting to discuss not only his future in north London but also the summer window. understands that the club are confident enough about Conte’s satisfaction with next season’s plans that Levy will no longer attend the upcoming meeting.

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It shows the good relationship the Tottenham chairman has already developed with Conte and in an interview with the Daily Mail, Eales also spoke highly of Levy. “[Daniel] lives and breathes work, lives and breathes Tottenham,” he admitted.

“I know he’s a bit stubborn at times. He’s a tough negotiator but his heart is completely with Tottenham…from where the club was to the training facilities they have now, the stadium – that was all Daniel did.”

As Eales alludes to, Levy has not been the most popular among Spurs fans over the years as many supporters disagree with some of the deals he has – or has not – made. However, the Atlanta United president reiterated that the 60-year-old is “always on” and “demanding a lot from everyone.”

Eales also addressed transfers, describing the night after the deal with Rafael van der Vaart, which they completed in an hour and 30 minutes, as “nervous, sleepless”. The 49-year-old also revealed a transfer secret at Tottenham, which sees the use of code names to keep potential transfers secret, a trick Eales is now using at Atlanta.

“They had a boring code when I came in [Spurs] that was just A1, A2.” This was to ensure that even the club staff didn’t find out who the potential arrivals and departures were.

Looking back to 2013, when Gareth Bale made what was then a world-record move to Real Madrid, Eales opened up about the time he was handed the deal after Levy fell out with Florentino Perez (Madrid President).

“I believe it was the night before we finalized the deal. It was around two in the morning and I took over,” he explained.

“It was almost like, ‘Right, I’m done.’ That was the most complicated deal – different currencies for different payments because everyone was arguing about every aspect of the deal.

“Real Madrid wanted it to be lower than [Cristiano] Ronaldos… so we had to design it so they could say it was lower – when it wasn’t. That was just Daniel saying, ‘I want the biggest transfer.’ Once that was done, he would get every last penny,” he added.

Despite the criticism Levy is getting from many Tottenham fans, Ledley King has revealed why Spurs need to be ‘smart’ during the transfer window. “Look [Cristian] romero, [Dejan] Kulusevski and [Rodrigo] Bentancur, they all influenced the team and we have to be smart in the market,” he said, speaking at an event on behalf of

“The chairman has invested a hell of a lot of money in the football club. I know everyone wants those £100m signings but with these types of players there are no guarantees.

“What you need is a good top coach who can engage young top players and take them to the next level to become world class players. We now have someone at the helm who is one of the best.

“It’s not necessarily about how much you spend, it’s about attracting the right kind of players.” Both Eales and the former Tottenham skipper have praised the work Levy has done for the club over the years.

No matter what fans think of him, the chairman has secured some great deals and brought Conte to the club and world-class stadium where Spurs now play and hopefully there will be more good deals this summer.

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