The Scottish Youth Football Cup final was abandoned seconds from time after a mass brawl on the pitch

A youth soccer cup final was abandoned after being marred by a mass brawl on the pitch.

The game between Tynecastle FC and Portobello CFA 2006s was abandoned after players and fans, including adults, were involved in a hand-to-hand fight.

The incident happened seconds before the end of Sunday’s South East Region Cup Final at Dunbar, East Lothian.

It was triggered by a collision between the Tynecastle goalkeeper and a Portobello forward who had to be taken to hospital following the collision.

Viewers described how violence erupted as people “ran around like crazy animals” on the field.

Witnesses testified that one player was hit during the “mess.”

Portobello CFA coach Scott Bonar
Portobello CFA coach Scott Bonar

Police said they were called to the scene at 6.20pm after a “fight” reportedly broke out.

According to a witness, the under-16s’ showpiece, which began at 4:45 p.m., ended in “disgusting scenes”.

He told how the Tynecastle goalkeeper collided with the Portobello striker, leading to a “mass riot”.

The witness described how “players were knocked to the ground” while spectators rushed onto the field and “fought like two gangs”.

He added: “I saw a player get knocked to the ground as the chaos started.”

The witness said the players were “put into a frenzy” before kick-off, which was a “recipe for disaster”.

He added: “The atmosphere was extremely tense throughout the afternoon.”

The hospitalized player was from Portobello CFA.
The hospitalized player was from Portobello CFA.

Portobello trainer Scott Bonar told the Record: “The matter is in the hands of the police.

“We got a penalty 45 seconds before the end. Our player was furious when a Tynecastle player tried to hit one of our players.

“When I kept running to take care of our players, I tried to take a lot of the pressure off.”

Scott said he went to help the injured player, who was then kicked in the head while he lay ailing.

He added: “His eyes were rolled onto the back of his head and he choked on his tongue after the kick.

“It was chaos from then on.”

Scott said people were “trying to calm everyone down” while parents were “trying to defuse it while adults were trying to hit our players.”

He added: “It was a horrifying experience seeing our player lifeless. I thought he was dead.

“Our players were hysterical.”

Tynecastle FC were in the cup final in 2006.
Tynecastle FC were in the cup final in 2006.

The father of a portobello player took to Twitter after the game. He said a “reckless challenge from their goalkeeper KO’d our striker”.

He added: “When the player was cold on deck, he was booted in the head. And chaos broke out.”

When asked what would happen to the canceled match, he later wrote: “Dunno. Luckily no serious damage was done. He is home with a sore face and will be away for a few weeks.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Officers were called to reports of a fight at a square in Kellie Road, Dunbar, around 6.20pm on Sunday.

“One person was taken to the hospital for examination. The investigation is ongoing to determine the full circumstances.”

South East Region Secretary Allan Archibald said: “I have no comment to make as it is now a police matter.”

Tynecastle FC have been contacted for comment.

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