The Last Son (2021) – Movie Review

the last son2021.

Directed by Tim Sutton.
Starring Sam Worthington, Colson Baker, Thomas Jane, Heather Graham, Emily Marie Palmer, and Kim DeLonghi.



An outlaw believes one of his sons has cursed him to kill him, so he sets out to kill them before the prophecy is fulfilled.


In the last son, Sam Worthington stars as Isaac LeMay, an armed outlaw who is told by an elderly Native American that he is destined to be killed by one of his numerous sons. Isaac has several children by several different women, mainly sex workers, and at the beginning of the film we see him following his son Lionel (Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly) before shooting him dead and continuing on to find Megan (Emily Mary Palmer). ), his daughter by another woman.

Lionel’s mother is Anna (Heather Graham), a sex worker who tells Isaac there is ‘no twin’, angering Isaac and causing him to cut off Anna’s thumb in a fit of rage. Turns out there’s a twin, his name is Cal (also played by Colson Baker) and he’s also a reprehensible guy like his father, and once Isaac is convinced that Megan isn’t the girl who’s going to murder him, he it goes. on the hunt for Cal as Cal hunts for his murderous father, while a group of bounty hunters, led by Anna’s lover Solomon (Thomas Jane), muster their resources to hunt down and kill the ruthless LeMay.


A classic western plot developed with a dense and moody auteur sensibility, the last son It has all the right ingredients for a modern update on a familiar story – a strong cast, spectacular cinematography, brutal violence, archetypal characters, an ominous score – but somehow they just don’t come together to form something as exciting as its premise would suggest.

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Sam Worthington plays Isaac LeMay as a quiet, intense guy and Colson Baker plays Cal a little broader and more vocal in his approach, but unless they’re both on screen together, there’s very little drama or suspense, which is a pity when the plot abounds to further explore the characters and create exciting action. Instead, the action is well shot and violent, but it doesn’t seem to generate the necessary levels of emotion that Sergio Leone would certainly provide if he were directing.


The slow pace may give the audience time to look at the stunning views and wide landscape, but the uneventful and occasionally uneven nature of the writing: yes, we know Isaac is a bad man and his children are scattered, but random characters are introduced. and we have to put the pieces together to try to distinguish who is who and how they are connected; doesn’t add the firepower needed to make the last son stand as anything but a disappointing experience that never lives up to its promise.

But those magnificent images are something to behold in such a low-key film, and the last son It will likely have limited appeal to Western fans looking to cross any new title off their watchlists, as there are glimpses of what could have been splashed in the (deliberately) lethargic direction. Ultimately, however, the last son it’s a unique viewing experience, even for fans, and for casual viewers looking for something on streaming services they haven’t seen before, it may not even make a full play before it’s swapped out for something a little more . grip.

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Flashing Myth Rating – Movie ★ ★ / Movie ★ ★

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