The goalkeeper caught the posts getting closer with a sneaky trick

Huge scandal in the Norwegian Premier League: the video shows the goalkeeper secretly narrowing his goalposts before kick-off.

Former Brentford goalkeeper Patrik Gunnarsson has apparently been caught trying to gain an unfair advantage over his side’s opponents in their last two home games.

The 21-year-old Icelandic stopper plies his craft for Viking FK, who currently sit third in the Eliteserien (Norway’s Premier League equivalent).

When the club welcomed Jerv and HamKan to the SR Bank Arena, the supposedly clever act was carried out.

Gunnarsson tries a cheeky trick

In the video, Gunnarsson can be seen waiting for the assistant referee to complete his mandatory pre-match checks around the goal before then nonchalantly pulling in and kicking the posts ever so slightly.

The Norwegian branch Afterbladetestimate that the actions reduced the overall width of the posts by 15 to 20 centimeters and gave Viking a significant advantage over their opponents.

The footage they released has garnered quite a bit of resonance among Norwegian nationals as they debate whether this was an intentionally underhanded act and whether it actually conferred such a distinct advantage.

Gunnarsson has downplayed the whole ordeal, noting it’s nothing more than a little pre-game superstition he has.

“It’s just a pre-match ritual that I have before games.” Gunnarsson was responding to the claims.

“I feel good about it. It’s nothing more. I’m just kicking the bars a little bit.”

Whatever you say, Patrik…

Gunnarsson in the headlines again

It’s not the first time the stopper has made headlines this year, either.

Back in November, Gunnarsson went viral for sending his own man off in the 95th minute of a game.

Viking had led the game 3-2 in the closing stages against Kristiansund, two goals behind.

A 93rd-minute winner had clearly got everyone’s adrenaline pumping and everything boiled over as Gunnarsson and David Brekalo collided in the closing stages.

Brekalo jabbed his team-mate twice in the chest amid the altercation and the second time he asked Gunnarsson theatrically fell to the ground, clutching his face as if to imply he had been hit.

Needless to say, Brekalo was sent off – odd.

kids these days, eh?

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