The cost of watching Premier League football is increasing for most fans in England

The cost of watching football in the First League rises as UK supporters grapple with both the cost of living crisis and rising football ticket prices.

Of the 20 Premier League clubs, 11 have increased their season ticket prices, with nine clubs charging more for the cheapest season ticket option. This will mean the highest inflation in 40 years.

According to data from Bloomberg, the increase in ticket prices is more widespread than last year. During the height of the COVID pandemic, only six clubs increased ticket prices. Eight clubs have decided to freeze their most expensive season ticket prices for the coming season, including Champions League finalists Liverpool and Manchester United.

The club selling the most expensive season ticket in the country is Tottenham Hotspur, with their most expensive option coming in at a staggering £2025, at least for that price you’ll be well looked after as Tottenham’s new stadium is rated as one of the best stadiums in European football. There’s also Champions League football for that price after Antonio Conte’s side edged Arsenal into fourth after a thrilling end to the Premier League season.

Totteham Hotspur Stadium.  Credit: Alamy
Totteham Hotspur Stadium. Credit: Alamy

For a local supporter to see Tottenham it would cost him 90% of his average monthly salary, even the club’s cheapest option would cost him almost a third of his monthly salary.

Katrina Law, Co-Chair of Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust, called the current ticket prices “a worrying disregard for the economic realities faced by many fans”.

She added: “Access to tickets is the gateway for all fans, so it’s important that the entry point is affordable.”

Arsenal have the most expensive ‘cheap’ season ticket option, with the cheapest package coming in at £927. That’s an increase of 14% over the previous year. There will be discounts for the Europa League and other cup matches, so there has been an increase in Premier League ticket prices.

Chelsea, now under new ownership, have yet to announce their season ticket plans. Last year they increased the price of hundreds of seats and upgraded them to hospitality. This prompted fans to vent their anger.

More and more clubs will try to upgrade some seats in their stadium to hospitality seats in order to maximize their revenue.

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