The Borough of Brooklyn is the Setting for New Supernatural Comic Series, ‘Lesser Evils’

Pretty much everyone has had their heart broken at some point, right?

However, I’m willing to bet that few if any have been able to summon a golem to help them get revenge on their former lover.

This is one of many fantastic stories within lesser evilsa comic book series set in a new entertainment universe from comic book publisher AWA Studios.

Located in the Brooklyn borough of New York, lesser evils takes a day-in-the-life anthology format comparable to HBO’s High Maintenance and puts it in a blender with a world like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and supernatural stand-ins for relatable feelings and happenings.

The first issue of the series debuts on May 25 and is essentially “Brooklyn Through the Looking Glass.”

“It’s a comic universe set in a supernatural Brooklyn where I hope you recognize all the characters, even if some of them turn out to be accidental genies, mermaids and cabalist wizards,” said Ian Grody, writer and co-creator of lesser evils. “I think they listen to the same thing as you; they like the same memes as you; They are wrong just as you are.

The comedy anthology, which will also have a corresponding short film for the first issue, which will preview at the Tribeca Film Festival in June, is an “anti-superhero series that embraces and celebrates Brooklyn’s hipster culture.”

The cover of the first issue of Lesser Evils, a new comic book anthology series set in a “supernatural Brooklyn,” debuting May 25. Courtesy of AWA Studios.

The stories blend the familiar with the otherworldly, with characters like a pair of NYU graduates whose thrift store turns into a “boutique of horrors” and a half-human, half-djinn who makes himself understood. that had something to do with the outcome of the 2016 elections.

“I wanted to create a comic for people who didn’t know they liked comics,” Grody said. “If you watch Modern Love or High Maintenance, I hope this is something you enjoy.”

Grody, who worked with series co-creator and producer Justin Fair and illustrator Yishan Li to put together Lesser Evils, has a background writing for television, primarily “superhero shows,” “dystopian thrillers,” and “raunchy country musicals.” “.

He is also the executive creative director of the Giant Spoon media advertising agency. But this is the first time that Grody has been able to piece together a new universe from his own vision. And it’s a pretty good feeling, he said.

Writer and co-creator of Lesser Evils, Ian Grody. Courtesy of AWA Studios.
Lesser Evils producer and co-creator Justin Fair. Courtesy of AWA Studios
Lesser Evils artist/illustrator Yishan Li. Courtesy of AWA Studios

“My gosh, it’s so liberating and so rewarding to be able to be yourself in your art,” Grody said. “I feel completely free of commitments.”

Grody said he is responsible for all of the character narratives and dialogue. The process for creating each Lesser Evils story, he said, was to put together a potential story synopsis, then write a script with dialogue and “a handful of visual references” to hand out to the rest of the creative team. .

Grody liked the idea of ​​being able to lampoon the realities of everyday life, he said.

Why Brooklyn as a stage?

“I think Brooklyn is this place of perpetual becoming”; Grody said, “where people are always cocooned in search of their new best selves. And my opinion is a place where there is so much hope and so much despair and so much transformation is already magic.

The project has been in development for just under a year – it came to fruition when Grody, along with series producer and co-creator Justin Fair, met AWA CEO and Publisher Bill Jemas at the Tribeca Film Festival. last year, said Will Graves. , AWA managing editor who worked closely with the Lesser Evils creative team on the project.

Grody, according to Graves, “had a clear vision of the characters and stories he wanted to create: a slate of stories set in Brooklyn that explored life’s issues related to a dose of supernatural fun.”

The first issue of Lesser Evils, EMMETT #1, drops digitally on Wednesday, May 25. All stories will be available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Hindi and Global Comix, Graves said.

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