The Bookseller – Rights – HarperNorth sums up the ‘definitive story’ of the football rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United

HarperNorth has online the ‘definitive story’ of the football rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United by BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty and Jim White.

Jonathan de Peyer, Senior Commissioning Editor, acquired the worldwide rights for the English language Red on red: Liverpool, Manchester United and the fiercest rivalry in world football by Sarah Williams at the Sophie Hicks agency. It will be released in August 2022.

The summary states: “Liverpool and Manchester are two wonderfully independent, diverse and culturally vibrant places. But the residents hate each other with a passion that’s instinctive. It’s a divide that spans generations, across class and ethnicity. And it’s grown over the years, mostly driven by one thing: football.

“The dark, malevolent loathing shared by Liverpool and Manchester United supporters has seeped into every aspect of life in the two cities. How come? Why did it get so bad? And what does it say about the two cities where the clubs are based?

“Written by a Scouser and a Manc in a rare collaboration, red on red will address the divide by speaking to those involved in 10 landmark football games, including the characters who patrolled and provoked the rivalry: Alex Ferguson, Kenny Dalglish, Steven Gerrard and Gary Neville, among many others.”

White said: “I have long wanted to investigate the history of ‘red-on-red’ contempt and I can think of no better companions on the quest than Phil McNulty, a man who knows Liverpool and football, and HarperNorth, a Publisher dedicated to northern narratives.”

McNulty added: “The Liverpool-Manchester United rivalry is steeped in history and culture, classic catalysts for any great feud in football. Jim White’s experience, expertise and great sense of humor made him the perfect collaborator to explore both sides of this bitter divide, with HarperNorth the ideal publisher to deliver this particular Nordic story.”

De Peyer commented, “It’s always a privilege to combine two, maybe even three of your great passions at work, and this book certainly does that for me. Jim and Phil are the best in the business and each brings a critical and complementary view of their subject. And what a story they have to tell. Imbued with jealousy, driven by a growing sense of superiority, absolute and unforgiving: football is political, there is no doubt about that.”

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