The Best of Streaming In June

the boys season 3

The show that turned the superhero genre upside down is back! In a world where superheroes are revered as gods and celebrities, the headline Boys The team, led by Billy Butcher, is tasked with taking down the Corrupted Seven, led by the narcissistic Homelander. In the upcoming third season of Amazon’s super-violent series, Butcher is now working for the government with Homelander now subdued. However, The Boys find the existence of an “Anti-Super” weapon, which sends them back into conflict with The Seven. The new season also promises to delve into the background of the sinister Vought corporation, which controls The Seven.


Adam Sandler returns to a more serious role similar to uncut gems with this new Netflix sports drama. Hustle focuses on an unlucky and almost retired basketball scout who can’t seem to find a break in the world of the NBA. So when he meets unknown Spanish player Bo Cruz, he seizes the opportunity to end his losing streak and propel them both to success. However, he has to deal with Bo’s reluctance, skepticism from the NBA, and difficult relationships with his family. Alongside Sandler, the film also stars Queen Latifath and Robert Duvall, and hopefully this all-star cast should make hustleA great sports movie to watch and cheer on the underdog.

Borgen 2022 sc 861


scandinavian thriller Borgen had a dedicated viewer base here in the early 2010s at the height of the scand-drama craze, and while the show hasn’t been on the air since 2013, it’s back on screens nearly a decade later and will be available on Netflix. now with the subtitle power and glory, BorgenThe fourth season will see the protagonist Birgitte Nyborg in the role of Foreign Minister and will have to avoid further crises in the political landscape of Denmark.

mrs wonder

While May saw Disney+ launch the highly anticipated Star Wars series obi wan Kenobithe ever-growing streaming service returns to the Marvel universe this month to introduce a new character to its seemingly endless roster of heroes. mrs wonder stars Iman-Vellhani as Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, who is a huge fan of The Avengers and Captain Marvel, suddenly getting her own powers in the series. Unlike the multi-verse pranks of Loki and the espionage of The Falcon and the Winter SoldierMs Marvel is similar to Spider-Man in that it sees teenage Kamala navigate the hardships and growing pains of high school.

spider head

While Chris Hemsworth will return as Thor in the MCU later this year, in June he will star in spider head, an upcoming Netflix movie set in the near future. In this world, convicts are offered the opportunity to volunteer as medical subjects in order to shorten their sentence. However, a prisoner subjected to these tests finds himself questioning the reality of his emotions after taking a new medication that generates feelings of love, and decides to go out and find the truth. Instead of being heroic, Hemsworth plays sinister prison supervisor Steve Abnesti, and Miles Teller plays Jeff, the prisoner who decides to question his emotions.

the unseen queen

Technically, it was released at the end of May, but considering the Queen’s Jubilee is in June, we’ve included it in the June guide. Among a plethora of programming celebrating the milestone is the unseen queen, a new documentary that uses footage from the Queen’s personal archives to show a different, less visible side of the monarch. Available on BBC One and iPlayer, the doc features footage shot by the Queen herself, her parents and Prince Philip, spanning from her birth and days in a pram to her accession to the throne in 1952. Although programs have been made and shown similar in the past, this one aims to be the most expansive and personal yet.

the umbrella academy

Netflix’s original superhero show (and competitor to Boys) is also back for a third super serving this month. The series, if you haven’t seen it, revolves around the bizarre premise of a dysfunctional family of adopted superhero brothers who come together to investigate and resolve the circumstances surrounding their father’s death, as well as prevent an impending apocalypse. After season 2 (where the Umbrella Academy team traveled back to the 1960s), the action returns to 2019 America, but things are different. The team has managed to travel to an alternate reality, where a group called The Sparrows replaced them, and unsurprisingly, the two teams come into conflict with each other.

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