The 6 Best True-Crime Documentaries To Watch This Summer

True crime enthusiasts are spoiled for choice this summer, with a wide range of true crime documentaries, old and new, to sink your teeth into.

From Netflix’s mind blowing The Tinder scammer on catfish Simon Leviev to HBO Max’s the way down About Christian Diet Guru Gwen Shamblin Lara, there is almost too much to choose from.

news week has helped you narrow down your options by giving you a list of the top six true crime documentaries you don’t want to miss this summer.

The 6 Best True Crime Documentaries To Watch This Summer

Keep Sweet: pray and obey

Keep Sweet: pray and obey arrives on Netflix on Wednesday, June 8.

The four-part series takes an in-depth look at the most secretive polygamous sect of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) and the rise of prophet Warren Jeffs, who was found to have married 69 women in total. .

In Keep Sweet: pray and obey, Some of Jeff’s victims speak of their harrowing experiences and give insight into life under his rule.

The official synopsis advances: “In 2008, a dramatic raid on the Yearning for Zion ranch in West Texas generated worldwide attention as law enforcement officers uncovered staggering evidence of sexual, physical, and psychological abuse and arrested more than 400 children.

“Be Sweet: Pray and ObeyDirected by Peabody and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Rachel Dretzin, it gives viewers an in-depth look at the cult.

“The four-part documentary series features never-before-seen archival footage and harrowing personal stories of some of the brave women and men who escaped. From forced underage marriage and pregnancy to total collapse into an oppressive criminal cult under the government of Warren Jeffs. , history reveals extraordinary bravery fighting against tyrannical control in modern America”.

The Way Down: God, Greed, and the Cult of Gwen Shamblin

The Way Down: God, Greed, and the Cult of Gwen Shamblin is streaming on HBO Max now.

The five-part series delves into the fascinating story of Gwen Shamblin Lara, American author and founder of the Christian diet program The Weigh Down Workshop.

The path of the documentary took an unexpected turn when Shamblin was killed on May 29, 2021, when his 1982 Cessna Citation 501 private jet crashed into Percy Priest Lake near Smyrna, Tennessee, shortly after takeoff.

He died alongside church leaders Jennifer and David Martin and Jonathan and Jessica Walters. Her husband Joe Lara, who was flying the plane, and her son-in-law Brandon Hannah were also killed in the incident.

After his death, it was questioned who would carry on his legacy, and Parts 4 and 5 explore what happened next.

The Tinder scammer

The Tinder scammer on Netflix is ​​told through the eyes of three brave women: Cecilie Fjellhoy, Pernilla Sjoholm and Ayleen Charlotte.

They all dated a man they knew as “Simon Leviev”, but a strange course of events led them to realize that he was not who they thought.

Leviev ran as the heir to an Israeli diamond company and is believed to have defrauded Fjellhoy, Sjoholm, Charlotte and countless other victims out of $10 million.

The tinder swindler follows how the three women fought to share their story and their fight to try and stop Leviev (real name Shimon Hayut) from doing the same thing again.

The inventor: looking for blood in Silicon Valley

If you were a fan of abandonment on Hulu and the podcast of the same name, you won’t want to miss it The inventor on HBO Max.

The inventor: looking for blood in Silicon Valley explores the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes and her company Theranos.

In January 2022, Holmes was found guilty of defrauding Theranos investors and is currently awaiting sentencing. the Inventor on HBO Max traces exactly how it got there.

The official synopsis reads: “With a new invention that promised to revolutionize blood testing, Elizabeth Holmes became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, heralded as the next Steve Jobs. Then, just two years later, her company billionaire was dissolved.”

Our father

Our father is one of Netflix’s most disturbing true crime documentaries to date.

The chilling documentary series investigates the true story of a disgraced former fertility doctor, Donald Cline, who artificially inseminated his female patients with their own sperm, without their permission or knowledge.

The result? 96 biological children and counting, a reality that was only discovered when Jacoba Ballard, an only child, decided to take a DNA test through 23AndMe, out of curiosity to see if she had half-siblings.

When they paired her with seven half-siblings, they knew something wasn’t quite right.

In Our father On Netflix, Cline’s children tell their story, her victims speak about their pain, and together, the families seek justice.


At the moment, everyone seems to be talking about HBO Max’s true crime drama. stairsstarring Colin Firth as Michael Peterson and Toni Colette as Kathleen Peterson.

Did you know that there is a 13-part documentary series on the Michael Peterson case, shot over 15 years by Oscar-winning director Jean-Xavier de Lestrade?

When Michael Peterson was accused of killing his wife, Lestrade documented his entire trial and turned it into a critically acclaimed documentary series that premiered in 2004.

Lestrade filmed Peterson and his family again in 2012 and 2013, covering developments in the case and releasing a two-hour special. It returned in 2017 and three episodes were made especially for Netflix.

The streaming giant then released all of Lestrade’s episodes as a 13-part series, titled stairs.

The Way Down (L) is streaming now on HBO Max and The Staircase (R) is streaming now on Netflix. Pictured are Gwen Shamblin and Michael Peterson.

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