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Why is it so hard to find a woman’s weekly magazine?

It’s the biggest magazine market in Canada, and the women’s lifestyle, arts, and travel magazines have been a mainstay of the women and men’s magazines for decades.Now, a new report from the Canadian Press shows women’s magazines are losing out to the men’s titles as women turn to the internet

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Singapore’s women’s magazine 1800s: The ‘Queen of Modern Beauty’

A new women’s periodical from Singapore aims to highlight the beauty and individuality of the 1800s Singaporean women.In The Queen of Modern, the magazine looks at the women’s lives as they relate to their environment, family and society at the time.“I hope the magazine helps to bring a fresh perspective

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When the media is telling you what to do, why not just do it?

Posted October 14, 2019 08:07:39In the run up to the Commonwealth Games, a growing number of women’s magazines have been reporting on what happens to women athletes at the games.It’s not just about winning medals, but the emotional impact of being forced to compete for something that is seen as

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The Best Things Women Have Done For Themselves

Women’s history has always been a topic that’s been hotly debated and has been criticized for its portrayal of women as victims.For decades, the idea that women are oppressed by men and society has been used to support a patriarchal, white, male-dominated, male dominated world view.This narrative has been perpetuated

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How to spot the perfect women’s fashion magazine

When it comes to magazines, the one thing we tend to see all the time is a woman’s name.But what if that name was the only one on a list of things to know?That’s exactly what this article will teach you.From magazine to fashion accessories, here are 10 important tips

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Woman accused of posting offensive tweets says she was “under the weather”

A woman accused of creating a fake news story on Facebook about the alleged rape of a British model has been charged with publishing false and defamatory material.The 29-year-old woman was arrested in London on Thursday and charged with creating an “unauthorised” Facebook account and making false representations.The woman was

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What is the best book for men’s underwear?

The women’s wear magazine, 1920’s wame’s magazine and a number of other magazines and newspapers were designed to attract a younger audience and to help them learn about the styles of their day.The magazine was published from 1927 to 1940 and was published by Wome’s.But in 1926, the magazine was

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How to read a magazine’s best women’s stories

Ars Technic’s Sarah Mott, the author of The Unpacking Guide to Women’s Magazine Culture, explains how to find the best female writers, as well as the women who are the most influential.This year, she’s highlighting a new magazine called the New Republic, which is trying to make a difference in

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How to get a real, meaningful relationship with women

Women’s magazines are everywhere these days, and they are the heart of many women’s lives.And the men and women who work there are, too.Here are five tips for finding the right one for you.1.Know your target audience.You can find a magazine to suit your interests online, but don’t expect it

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