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Woman’s magazines, the 1970s, the 1980s, and the 1990s: A look at the archives

When women were getting breast implants and having abortions, magazines like Cosmopolitan and Esquire published a whole slew of articles on how to do it.It wasn’t until the mid-1980s that women’s magazines started to cover the issues and that the focus on cosmetic surgery started to shift.In fact, Cosmopolitan started

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KPFA: ‘We were not aware of the harassment that was going on.’

This article first appeared in the October 24, 2018 issue of Woman’s Magazine.Please contact the editor to add this story.The following are excerpts from an interview with the author, Amy C. Jones, about the experiences of Jewish women in the United States: Amy C Jones, Contributing Editor, Women’s Magazine: I

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How to spot a woman’s style

The best women’s fashion magazine of the 1960s was the one that was the hottest thing about the women’s movement.The cover art featured glamorous women, fashionably attired and posed in provocative ways.There were models on the cover, too, and they looked so great they inspired a generation of fashion designers

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How to be a woman: The 1970s to the present

Today, women have become the dominant social group, and as such, they’ve been given more social status.As a result, there has been a shift in how women are viewed in the media.Women are seen as having more influence than ever, and they are more likely to have their voices heard.And

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How to choose a 1940’s magazine for the 1950s

The 1940s women’s magazine format has been around for decades and the 1950 is no exception.As a result, we can choose what you want to read from each issue.This is what you should consider before picking up a new 1940s magazine.Here’s what to look for in each issue of each

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How to read and respond to the ‘drama’ of ‘Merendara’

Mariam, a Pakistani-Indian woman from the state of Punjab, had gone to Pakistan to attend a wedding ceremony and return home, but was not allowed to leave the country, and was then raped by a man.Her husband, who has since been released, has not yet returned.Mariam, who is now 29,

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How to get your hair styled without a barber

How to Get Your Hair Shaved with a Barber article You may be able to get away with a barbershop or a salon, but a salon or a bar will probably cost more.So, instead, you should try to get the hair cut at home, whether it’s a hair salon or

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Why does it take so long for women’s media to grow up?

By: Pradeep JhaFirst Published: Oct 04, 2017 05:38:08We are still in a time of “dreadful and unplanned transitions” in media, said Sreejesh Kumar, editor of the Women’s Media and Entertainment magazine.“There has been no change in the way women are being presented in media for decades, and this is a

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