Susie Abromeit opens up about ‘Love In Bloom’ on Great American Family

Susie Abromeit and Julian Haig in ‘Love In Bloom’. Photo courtesy of GAC Media

Actress Susie Abromeit discussed starring in the new original movie “Love In Bloom” on Great American Family.

She plays Amelia opposite Julian Haig, who plays Grayson, and it premiered on Great American Family on Saturday, August 27. Rogue Rubin directed “Love In Bloom” from an original screenplay by Samantha Benjamin.

On being a part of “Love In Bloom,” he said, “Honestly, it was such a fantastic cast and crew. We laughed constantly all the time and had the best time. It was a great bonding moment and we all had a lot of love for each other. I have made friends for life with this team.”

Abromeit had great words about his luminous co-star Julian Haig, who plays his main male love interest, and director Rogue Rubin. “Julian was amazing to work with. Rogue and I were friends before filming it. She chose me and built this character around me. She put her heart and soul into this project as did I. It shows the quality of what we build together. It is something truly beautiful. Rogue was constantly wearing a series of hats,” she said.

“It was really cool and I’m proud of what we built,” she added.

Synopsis for ‘Love in Bloom’

The synopsis is as follows: In “Love In Bloom”, Amelia (Susie Abromeit) has a perfect life: a successful flower shop in Chicago and a boyfriend who is about to propose to her.

When her little sister and her soon-to-be-married fiancé are marooned in a mountain lodge days before their wedding in Primrose River, Australia, Amelia and best man Grayson Tanner (Julian Haig) are tasked with stepping in to save to the family. wedding.

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Amelia finds a new meaning in the beautiful gardens of the town and love, when she least expects it.

About the title of the current chapter of his life, he said: “New beginnings”. “I’m going back to Australia and shooting another movie with the same crew again, so I’m excited to embark on another trip,” she said. “This movie is about wine,” she foreshadowed with a sweet laugh.

“For me, it’s about new beginnings, more self-love, self-discovery and independence,” she added.

On his definition of success, he said: “Success would be writing, producing and performing with people you love and who inspire you. Have balance and a full life with love and laughter.”

“The romantic comedy is back,” he exclaimed about “Love In Bloom.” “The original romantic comedy of hilarious and enjoyable entertainment. There is always a message and a symbolism there, and it is so identifiable with everyone’s life that it becomes indelible in the human conscience. I am excited to bring the romantic comedy back to the world.”

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