“Speed Racer” Anime To Get Second Live-Action Adaptation, This Time From Apple TV+

Have you ever wanted to know what speed runner would it look like a live action show? Okay, do not worry. Apple TV+ is here to help you with that. Or at least, to add your own version to make a stack.

Apple Racer in the works?

"speed runner" (2008) movie poster.
Perhaps this TV series will also have a cult following?

Deadline just announced that the 1960s Japanese media franchise speed runner is getting another live-action adaptation, this time for Apple TV+. Details are scarce for now, as it’s still very early in production. However, we do know a few things about it.

First of all, this speed runner The live-action adaptation will be a TV series, not a feature film like the 2008 version. In fact, it will have no connection to that movie at all, and will just be a standalone thing. JJ Abrams and his Bad Robot Productions along with Warner Bros. Television will direct/produce this series. They do not clarify what it will be.

In fact, the rest speed runner the details are basically rumours. According DeadlineHiram Martinez (snow drills) and Ron Fitzgerald (Westworld) will write to the string. Apparently, this series will go back “to the source material” and will basically be a direct adaptation of the 1966 manga. However, keep in mind that this is all still a rumor, unless officially confirmed by Bad Robot or Warner Bros. Take it with caution until then.

speed runner: Details

How come the obvious CG looks so amazing?

speed runner (known in Japan as Mach GoGoGolisten)) is a Japanese media franchise that began with the 1966 sports manga of the same name by Tatsuo Yoshida. The success of the manga resulted in an anime adaptation in 1967, which was so popular that it resulted in an anime reboot 30 years later in 1997. leading up to this most recent live-action television adaptation of Apple TV+.

As for what speed runner it’s about? Well, Crunchyroll has an official synopsis, even if they don’t actually have the original anime for you to watch. Check it out below:

“Speed ​​Racer is a teenager who drives a special sports car, the Mach 5, in races around the world. The Mach 5, designed by his father, a retired professional racer, contains features that allow Speed ​​to drive over any terrain and through all obstacles. Speed ​​has to use them often, as he frequently runs into unscrupulous competitors and international criminals who try to fix the races in his favor. Speed ​​is usually accompanied by his girlfriend Trixie, his little brother Spridle, and Spridle’s pet chimpanzee, Chim-chim. The fast-paced adventures of this brave quartet, in exotic settings around the world, prove that quick wits and fair play are sure winners!”

you can see the original speed runner anime on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV or Roku.

Source: Deadline

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