South West Football League women’s coach Maxwell Jetta resigns over on-field racial slur

A football coach in an Indigenous country has resigned in protest at a “disappointing” on-field incident in which racist slurs were directed at an Aboriginal player.

Maxwell Jetta, cousin of former AFL players Lewis Jetta and Neville Jetta, has stepped down as coach in Western Australia’s prestigious South West Football League to take a stand against racism in sport.

It comes after his club, South Bunbury Football Club, was fined $200 on May 14 for a racist taunt by one of its players towards Carey Park forward Hayden Yarran.

Mr Jetta had coached the South Bunbury women’s team to three premierships.

“This decision was really about myself as a community member, an Aboriginal person, a family man and also a mentor,” Mr Jetta said.

He reiterated Yarran’s calls for more to be done to eradicate racism in the league.

A man in a black polo shirt is standing in a garden
Mr Jetta says he is open to a return to football if the culture changes.(ABC South West: Dinushi Dias)

“We should be doing more, not just as football clubs, just as community members, but everyone in general everywhere, you know racism is out there as you can see.

“I think we can do better as people.”

Mr Jetta said he wanted the player who abused Yarran during the game to come forward.

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