Shoresy Stars and Hockey Vets Brandon Nolan & Jon Mirasty

ComingSoon Associate Editor Spencer Legacy spoke with shoresy hockey stars and veterans Brandon Nolan and Jon “Nasty” Mirasty on their characters and the show. shoresy will debut on Hulu on May 27, 2022.

“Shoresy, foul-mouthed, servant and mother-loving, joins the Sudbury Bulldogs of the Northern Ontario Senior Hockey Organization (NOSHO) on a quest to never lose again,” reads the official synopsis for the series.

Spencer Legacy: Was it ever confusing trying to remember when each Jim spoke in each scene?

Brandon Nolan: Yes it was. When we got there, we didn’t know who would speak first. I knew right away that I was Jim number two. So if I read the script and focus on Jim, two lines and I would always follow Nasty, Jim number one. So if he said and talked, I knew I was next. They kept it pretty easy for the Jims.

Jon “Nasty” Mirasty: Yeah, actually Jordan was my favorite guy. I didn’t really study the scripts, I’m an old school guy. I found out you followed Jared Keeso a lot, right? So when Jared Keeso spoke, he was also good, because he always looked at me and recognized that he was awake. So yeah, it was great, but being the three Jims was definitely a different experience, getting to know our roles.

Did you know going in that all of you would be Jim, or was that one of your ideas?

Jon “Nasty” Mirasty: When I first got the transcripts, I looked and we saw three Jims. So it was a bit confusing at first, but now that you see the story, it becomes quite fun and enjoyable.

Impressive. And Brandon, what was it like working with your brother on the show?

Brandon Nolan: Oh yeah, it was amazing, every time we got together with my brother. We work a lot in our indigenous communities. So whenever we get the chance to get together, it’s always fun. And this was no exception. This was absolutely an amazing experience, working with my brother, then Nasty, and a couple of other guys on set. And obviously Keeso, just a genius. So we had a lot of fun in those six weeks in February.

Jon “Nasty” Mirasty: I think it was great. Obviously I never met Brandon or Jordan throughout our careers, but we obviously knew who they were. He transitioned into… we’re first-time actors where, you know, it was nice, because it was almost like a hockey stage, being on tour with a bunch of guys, visiting backstage and in rooms and the hotel. bedrooms. So it was a really good transition to have the three of us and a couple of other guys, and since Jared is also almost a hockey guy, so he really made it easy for us.

John, you’ve gotten into a lot of fights in your hockey career and there’s a fair amount of fighting on the show. Did your real-life bits prepare you for those scenes?

Jon “Nasty” Mirasty: I got in trouble a couple of times because they always said, “what about 30%?” And when I fight, I don’t have 30%. So I think we might have accidentally cut some guys while we were trying to do the imitation fights. But yeah, I mean obviously I think Jared brought us in for a reason, to make the fights feel a little more real. A lot of these hockey shows, you watch the fights, they look fake, you know? So Jared did a really good job of bringing us in and being able to explain how to make it more of a real fight or how you would go on that stage. So yeah, but I think the biggest challenge I had was trying to get to 30% when I’m only used to going 100%.

Brandon went with it, did they take a fair amount of creative liberties in portraying the hockey games or was it quite realistic?

Brandon Nolan: Oh yeah, it was super realistic. I remember filming the one with… some of the scenes. I don’t want to give spoilers, but something would happen or we would like to film something. It was like, “holy man, that looks really real.” And then some of the things like… so we’re mostly all hockey players trying to act.

So they didn’t look for actors and try to make them into hockey players. They went out and got real hockey players. So the hockey aspect of the show was totally real, totally relatable. So it looks really sharp and clean. And I think a lot of die-hard hockey fans, not just from cartakennybut i hope new shoresy The fans here will absolutely love the hockey.

I’m Canadian too, so I really liked how the costume scenes felt completely accurate to a real costume. Was it a lot of improvisation or was it all in the script?

Jon “Nasty” Mirasty: Like we said about Jared, he’s really good at that area of ​​hockey, you know? So having all these hockey guys there, we even changed our positions. He made it more realistic, how we did it when we played professional hockey and stuff. So having a group of guys that have actually played the game and been there really helped, they improvised and made it a very interesting show.

John, now that you’ve tried acting, are you interested in getting more roles?

Jon “Nasty” Mirasty: It was definitely an experience, that’s for sure. Jordan, Brandon and I have talked… yes. It’s a fun thing to do and something I would definitely keep trying to keep doing. [I’m] however, he is not getting any younger. But it was a lot of fun, and like I said, I really appreciate that Jared invited us. It was a good time.

Brandon, what were your thoughts when you were first approached to be a character on the show?

Brandon Nolan: Yeah, I’ve said it a couple of times. I honestly thought it was a joke. One of the producers, Kara, contacted me about my brother Jordan being on the show. And she just mentioned… I knew what cartakenny it was. She knew how big it was. And she said, “let’s create a cartakenny spin-off called Shoredy. Would they be interested? So I called my brother right away. I’m like, “we just got asked to be in this new spin-off LyricsKenny Show. I think it’s a joke. I think someone is messing with us.

And then we ended up talking to Kara a little bit more and then we found out more about the show and how they wanted me and my brother and Nasty, the three Jims, to be a part of the show. And after reading it and Kara explaining what they envisioned the show to be like, it was like, wow, I felt so honored to be asked to be a part of something really cool. So it started as a joke and then I’m glad I answered the call and took it seriously.

John, you’ve owned a horse farm, you’ve owned Tim Hortons, you’ve played hockey, you’ve acted. Are there other career avenues you’re really interested in checking out?

Jon “Nasty” Mirasty: Yes, I am a man of many careers! I have enjoyed it from time to time. And like I said, I take everything for the day I’m there and it’s fun. All of that prepared me for the things I do today. And it’s amazing. But you know, horses, like you said, are my passion. So I really focus on that and keep hitting it.

Brandon Nolan: I’m going to be a model next time!

Jon “Nasty” Mirasty: Yeah, like I said, I’m more handsome than Brandon.

Brandon, which job has more pressure in hockey or acting?

Brandon Nolan: oh my gosh That is a difficult one. I mean, I always felt pressure with hockey just because you wanted to do well. And I mean, I always had a certain level of pressure every game, just like you wanted to be great when you played hockey. But with acting, it was really difficult, especially at the beginning. I remember the first day, two, three days, Keeso liked to read his lines and I was next to him, but the hardest thing was trying not to laugh.

That was, for me, trying not to laugh was the hardest thing and after the second day, I was like, “how am I going to do this?” Don’t spoil the scenes and laugh. So for me, I felt a lot of pressure trying not to laugh at the jokes that were being said, because sometimes I would say things that didn’t quite make the show or I wanted to try like a new scene or a new way of doing it. And I was dying inside. So for me that was the hardest part, a lot of pressure not to laugh.

What is your favorite Tim Horton request?

Jon “Nasty” Mirasty: Double double. That’s what I usually go for, that’s my double double and the steak and egg sandwich.

That is a good that is also mine.

Brandon Nolan: Yeah just a plain, medium, regular and it has to go with an apple fritter. So if I get those two on a daily basis, I am a happy man.

Brandon, had you heard of Letterkenny, Jon, had you heard of Letterkenny before the show or were you a fan?

Jon “Nasty” Mirasty: I was laughing at Brandon’s story. I was the same way when Kara first approached me. I thought it was a joke and I’m not much of a TV fan so I’ll be honest. I did not know that cartakenny It wasn’t until I told my wife and she googled it and said, “OMG!” Now that I am fully aware of it, I cannot believe the popularity. She’s done it, even the local boys in my hometown can’t believe [it]”oh, you’re part of cartakenny or the shoresy show!” So it’s actually a very popular show, but I guess I’m too stuck on the farm and hunting and being a cowboy that I don’t get to experience much television.

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