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This year seems to be the year of Guillermo Del Toro. The famed creator casts his own dark and macabre look at pinocchio when that movie premieres on Netflix in December of this year. That’s not the only Netflix property the man is pitching, though. The first trailer for C.Cabinet of Curiosities it’s here. This new series follows the anthology format, with each of the eight episodes taking on a life of its own based on the director’s vision taking the lead in his own episodes. This series also brings Andrew Lincoln back into the world of horror. Lincoln stars in an episode called “The Murmuring,” and we’re given a first look at it in the trailer. You can see the trailer below:

From the trailer, and listening to Guillermo Del Toro talk about this anthology series, it sounds and looks pretty twisted. This will certainly be something like your pinocchio movie. Each of these directors will show their best efforts to make an episode about pure terror and horror. We’re not sure who’s getting a scalpel in the eye, but that part certainly had us cringing. Andrew Lincoln appears in the episode called “The Murmuring”. cabinet of curiosities seems to be like a horror version of the twilight zonein a sense.

every episode of cabinet of curiosities contains a great cast. “Dreams in the With House” stars Rupert Grint and DJ Qualls, “Graveyard Rats” stars David Hewlett, “Lot 36” stars Tim Blake Nelson and Demetrius Grosse, “Pickman’s Model” stars Ben Barnes and Crispin Glover, “The Autopsy” stars F. Murray Abraham and Glynn Turman, “The Murmuring” stars Essie Davis and Andrew Lincoln, “The Outside” stars Kate Micucci and Martin Starr, and “The Viewing” stars by Eric Andre and Peter Weller. These are just a few of the incredible cast members involved in each episode of what is likely to be a blood-curdling horror.

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cabinet of curiosities will contain eight episodes, all of which have a different director in charge of those episodes. Most of these stories have also been written by other creators, although Guillermo Del Toro also has a few that were based on a story he created. “The Murmuring” is based on an original story by del Toro, which is also the episode starring Andrew Lincoln. Del Toro could be a fan of the man from his days forward. The Walking Dead. Honestly, who isn’t? Although Lincoln is ready to return to the world of The Walking Dead next year, we’ll see him in a purely horrific story for this new anthology series on Netflix.

Guillermo del Toro cabinet of curiosities It will premiere on Netflix on October 25 with two episodes. Each day after that, two additional episodes will be released. The full eight-episode run of this new series will be available in its entirety on October 28, which is the perfect time for Halloween. Fans of Guillermo Del Toro and Andrew Lincoln will be amazed by this new horror anthology. We certainly can’t wait to see each of these episodes. Hopefully no one has nightmares.

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