Saskatchewan Roughriders football organizations unite for ‘Football Weekend’

The Saskatchewan Roughriders and football organizations across the province have designated September 16th and 17th as Football Weekend.

The Roughriders and Football Saskatchewan have teamed up with the University of Regina Rams, University of Saskatchewan Huskies, Regina Thunder and the Saskatoon Hilltops to host a weekend of games.

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The weekend begins with the Roughriders Lights Out Game on Friday, September 16 against the Edmonton Elks. On Saturday, the other teams from Saskatchewan will compete against each other.

The Saskatoon Hilltops junior football team will attend the Regina Thunder in the afternoon and the Huskies will play the Rams on Saturday night.

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“It allows people from Saskatoon, for example, to come down and spend the whole weekend[in Regina],” said Craig Reynolds, president and CEO of Roughriders.

“Come to the Riders game (Friday)… and hopefully stay (on Saturday) and watch some great varsity and youth football.”

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Jeff Yausie, CEO of Football Saskatchewan, said the group knows how passionate Saskatchewan people are about football.

“We wanted to offer them a weekend of the best football this province has to offer,” Yausie said.

“From our green and whites to our elite varsity and junior level teams, you won’t want to miss any of the action.”

The Huskies head coach Scott Flory said a similar weekend was staged while he was playing for the Montreal Alouettes.

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“For 15 years (McGill Football) every game has been a sell out, that’s the atmosphere you’re trying to create,” Flory added.

“I don’t think enough people have had the pleasure of watching our games, watching varsity football and I think the more people that come into it, the more they watch it, the more they will fall in love with it. Flori said

Bundled ticket packages for all three games during Saskatchewan football weekend will be made available to fans with both adult and youth pricing.

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There will also be special student areas at the Roughrider game reserved for Hilltops and Huskies fans and Thunder and Rams fans to sit with friends and supporters.

After attending the Coors Light Party at the park and seeing the Roughriders game, fans can spend the whole day at Mosaic Stadium and the REAL District on Saturday.

There will be activities at Confederation Park between the two games, including an outdoor concert, to be announced.

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