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The Saratoga County Board of Supervisors is seeking input from residents on proposed property tax law changes that would increase income eligibility for seniors seeking an exemption during a public hearing scheduled for October 12. .

Milton City Supervisor Scott Ostrander and Saratoga County Board of Supervisors Chairman Theodore Kusnierz Jr., Moreau’s supervisor, worked together on the idea in response to the economic climate people are facing.

“Inflation and rising costs of daily necessities have a huge impact [on] our seniors living on fixed incomes,” Kusnierz Jr. said. “Increasing the level of income eligibility for a property tax exemption will provide these seniors with much-needed tax relief at a time when national inflation is the highest we have ever seen.”

Inflation is at its highest level in four decades, Ostrander said.

In its ongoing effort to try to combat inflation, the Federal Reserve recently raised interest rates again and signaled more hikes are on the way.

Under state Property Tax law, local municipalities may grant a reduction in property taxes paid by seniors.

Saratoga County currently gives a 20% reduction to those with an annual income of less than $20,700, with a maximum reduction of 50% to those with an income of less than $15,000, said Christine Rush, director of public relations for the county.

She said the public hearing will help the county decide how much to raise the income eligibility level.

Currently, 2,650 seniors in Saratoga County receive tax exemption.

“While the exact number will depend on the income level that is decided upon, we hope this change will increase the pool of eligible seniors, bringing tax relief to even more Saratoga County residents,” Rush said.

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If approved, residents who wish to apply will need to do so through the county assessor’s office.

State eligibility requirements are based based on age, property status, residence and occupation and income, Rush said. He also said that this change would not affect the county budget.

“Even by providing our low-income seniors with a much-needed property tax break, we are confident that Saratoga County will continue to provide our homeowners with the lowest property tax rate in New York State,” he said. Rush.

Intra-county income requirements will be discussed at the next Property Tax Committee meeting on Oct. 4, Ostrander said. During the last committee meeting, discussion on what amounts of revenue to allow was ultimately postponed, though numbers around $30,000 were brought up for discussion, Ostrander said.

“Everyone was in favor of making the program for older adults, but we’re hoping to come up with a number at the next meeting,” Ostrander said.

Ostrander said he has been discussing with the Milton city assessor’s office the potential to do a similar program citywide.

The changes do not affect school property taxes, since they are separate from the county, Ostrander said.

If it is approved in the city of Milton, Ostrander said he plans to reach out to seniors to let them know about the program. He also said that he will suggest posting information countywide. Ostrander said he hopes the measure will pass in October.

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