Rumor: ‘Dune’ TV Series Set To Film in Ireland

After a long wait, the production of HBO Max Dune TV series are on the horizon. A source in the film industry has revealed to Secrets of Dune that the film crew Dune: The Brotherhood (working title) are rumored to be reuniting in September this year. According to the source, who has extensive experience in the industry, the TV show was supposed to be filmed at Troy Studios in Limerick, Ireland. They also said that this will be an almost entirely studio-based production.

These unconfirmed rumors follow last month’s official announcement that Johan Renck will direct Dune: The BrotherhoodThe first episodes of . In early 2020, before the pandemic and subsequent production delays, the Film and Television Industry Alliance had listed Hungary and Jordan as locations, however they may have been placeholders or the Plans have changed since then. Since the upcoming TV series takes place 10 thousand years before the events of Denis Villeneuve Dune movies, there would be no reason to reuse sets.

The entrance to Troy Studios in Limerick, Ireland.
Atmospheric sky, above the entrance to Troy Studios in Ireland.

Troy Studios is the location of several recent science fiction television series productions, such as George RR Martin’s Night Flyers (Syfy) and the Apple TV+ adaptation of Base. The latter employed over 500 production workers during its filming in Ireland. Showrunner Diane Ademu-John and the team at Dune: The Brotherhood they could take advantage of the state-of-the-art facilities on location and enjoy easy access to the picturesque Irish countryside, should they choose to film there. Many iconic places in Ireland, as they also appear in game of Thronescertainly fits the feel of DuneMedieval style society.

As a film location, Ireland also makes economic sense. The country offers a 37% tax credit (capped at €25.9 million per project) for film and television productions. This covers both local goods and services, as well as international cast and crew while working in Ireland.

In its YouTube video (10.5 minutes), where the aforementioned rumors were revealed, Secrets of Dune summarizes what is known so far about the upcoming Dune T.V. series. He also speculates on the actors and directors he would like to see involved in this project.

In addition to the location and production schedule of the Dune TV series, rumors have been circulating about other key details. Back in April, before Legendary announced the first director, Giant Freakin Robot wrote that the show’s final title was supposed to be Brotherhood of Dune: Mind Killer. This remains unverified, however his source’s notes on setting and story line up with the official synopsis. That same article also mentions the types of actors the studio is looking to cast, in what will be a predominantly female ensemble.

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Emmy Award-winning Johan Renck will direct two episodes of the TV series 'Dune: The Sisterhood'.

While no casting decisions have been made on this Dune T.V. series, Brotherhood of Dune: Mind Killer, there are specific archetypes that the studio seems to be looking for with this one. It looks like the cast will be almost exclusively female, with around three women in their twenties and two others playing a larger part of the group. Again, this is very broad at this point, but the story will follow this group within the Bene Gesserit after a massive war in the galaxy destroyed much of the structure. Additionally, while the series will have the Bene Gesserit as the main focus, others in the cast will include an empress, a brother-sister tandem in their early 20s, someone who fits a space pirate archetype, and then the villain. major.

Doug Norrie, writing for Giant Freakin Robot

Illustration of the Bene Gesserit Brotherhood by Carmen Cornet, from the role-playing game 'Dune: Adventures in the Imperium'.
A Bene Gesserit sister. Work by Carmen Cornet, for Dune: Adventures in the Empire.

Provided some of these reports are true and the Dune The TV series starts production this year, it won’t be long before we start getting official word on casting options. Stay tuned to Dune News Net for the latest updates.

As we have written before, most information points to this next program being based on at least Brotherhood of Dune, the 2012 book written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson. Whether it’s an adaptation or a remake of this story, it’s clear that this upcoming TV series will tell the Bene Gesserit origin story. With these fascinating characters and settings, there’s a lot of potential here for long-form storytelling.

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