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“The Devil Conspiracy” — (Horror, R, 111 minutes). Satanists with a biotech company steal Christ’s shroud and use Jesus’ DNA to clone one final offering to the devil. Michael the Archangel is coming to Earth and will do everything possible to stop the devil’s conspiracy.

“House Party” — (Comedy, R, 100 minutes). In this remake of a 1990s comedy, Damon and Kevin, who have just been fired from their jobs as house cleaners, decide to throw the party of the year at the site of their last cleaning job, LeBron James’ mansion, without your permission.

“Airplane” — (Action, R, 107 minutes). When a pilot lands his commercial plane during a terrible storm, he finds himself trapped in the middle of a war zone.


“The Metropolitan Opera: Fedora” — (Opera, unrated, 165 minutes). A live broadcast of the opera performed at The Metropolitan Opera. 10:55 Saturday. (Cinemark Tinseltown, Cinemark Carefree, Regal Interquest).

“Shin Ultraman” — (Action, unrated, 118 minutes). A silver giant appears from beyond Earth’s atmosphere when the threat from an unidentified life form worsens in Japan. 7 p.m. Thursday. (Cinemark Tinseltown, Cinemark Carefree, AMC Chapel, Regal Interquest).


“A Man Called Otto” — (PG-13 Comedy, 126 minutes). Grade: B-, Katie Walsh. After the death of his wife, Otto’s only joy comes from judging and criticizing his neighbors. However, when a young family moves in next door, finds his match with the witty Marisol and an unexpected friendship forms that turns their world upside down.

“Avatar: The Way of Water” — (Action, PG-13, 190 minutes). Grade: A, Katie Walsh. The story of the troubles that follow the Sully family, the battles they fight while trying to stay alive, and the efforts they go to to stay safe.

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“Babylon” — (Drama, R, 188 minutes). Grade: C, Katie Walsh. The story, set in Los Angeles in the 1920s, follows the rise and fall of multiple characters in early Hollywood during a time of moral decay and corruption.

“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” — (Action, PG-13, 161 minutes). Grade: A, Katie Walsh. As the people of Wakandan mourn the death of King T’Challa, they must also fight to protect their home from intervening world powers.

“Corsage” — (Drama, unrated, 113 minutes). Facing a future of strict ceremony and royal duties, Empress Elisabeth of Austria must find a way to protect her legacy when she rebels against her public image.

“Devotion” — (Action, PG-13, 138 minutes). Grade: B, Katie Walsh. The true story of two Navy fighter pilots during the Korean War and how their heroic sacrifices made them the Navy’s most celebrated flankers.

“The Fabelmans” — (Drama, PG-13, 151 minutes). Grade: A+, Katie Walsh. Growing up in post-World War II-era Arizona, Sammy Fabelman, who wants to be a filmmaker, discovers a shocking family secret and discovers that the power of movies will help him find the truth.

“M3gan” — (Horror, PG-13, 102 minutes). An engineer from a toy company builds a realistic doll with artificial intelligence programmed to be the companion of a boy who begins to take on a life of his own.

“The Menu” — (Comedy, R, 106 minutes). Grade: B+, Katie Walsh. A couple travels to eat at an exclusive restaurant on a coastal island, unaware that the chef has prepared a sumptuous menu for them with some shocking surprises.

“The Old Way” — (Action, R, 95 minutes). Nicolas Cage stars as Colton Briggs, an old gunslinger turned respectable family man. However, when the son of a man Briggs killed years ago turns up looking for revenge, Briggs and his daughter must face the consequences of their past.

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“Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” — (Animation, PG, 140 minutes). After Puss in Boots realizes that his passion for adventure has taken its toll and burned eight of his nine lives, he decides to find the mythical Last Wish and restore all nine of his lives.

Roald Dahl’s “Matilda the Musical” — (Comedy, Unrated, 117 minutes). I Matilda, a girl with a vivid imagination and the world’s worst parents, takes a stand for what’s right and changes her story with miraculous results.

“Strange World” — (Animation, PG, 102 minutes). An adventure from Walt Disney Animation Studios about the Clades, who are a family of explorers, and the journey they undertake in a treacherous and unexplored land.

“Violent Night” — (Action, R, 101 minutes). Grade: C, Katie Walsh. After mercenaries break into a family compound on Christmas Eve and take everyone inside hostage, a surprise fighter, Santa Claus, steps in to save the day.

“The Whale” — (Drama, R, 117 minutes). A lonely, overweight English teacher tries to reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter.

“Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody”—(Biography, PG-13, 146 minutes). Grade: C-, Katie Walsh. A celebration of the life and music of Whitney Houston and her path to stardom.

“The Woman King” — (Action, PG-13, 135 minutes). Grade: A, Katie Walsh. In the 19th century, a group of warrior women protected the African kingdom of Dahomey. Now, a new generation of warrior women trains when a foreign enemy threatens their way of life.

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