RiskLens Wins Best Risk/Security Product Award at the 2022 Risk Technology Awards

Red RiskLens LogoRiskLens, the leading provider of cyber risk quantification (CRQ) and cyber risk management software and services, has been awarded top honors as Cyber ​​Risk/Security Solution of the Year 2022 by Risk.net in its awards. venture technology annuals. The award recognizes RiskLens’ innovation and leadership in measuring and managing the true financial impact of cyber risk to organizations.

Risk.net is a leading publication covering news and trends in all aspects of risk management. “This year’s Risk Technology Awards uncovered a wealth of research and development work at the more than 80 companies that made it to our shortlist,” Risk.net said in the awards announcement, “work that illustrates what new and more dangerous world and its emerging and interrelated threats”.

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“We are very honored to receive this award from Risk.net,” said Nick Sanna, President and CEO of RiskLens. “RiskLens helps companies better manage their cybersecurity investment decisions and the risks of digital transformation. We collaborate with large enterprises and government organizations to help them optimize their cyber security investments and address regulatory requirements through quantitative cyber risk management.”

RiskLens occupies a unique position in the world of operational, technological and cyber risk analysis

  • Enterprise Major Risk Reports
  • We are the creator of Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR™), the standard for risk quantification recognized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and other technical authorities. RiskLens offers the only SaaS platform that guarantees a true implementation of FAIR risk analysis.
  • Our platform offers an unmatched range of services for risk quantification, including rapid analysis of key risks, comparison between multiple risk scenarios, aggregated risk assessments, and cost/benefit analysis for risk mitigation, all quantified in terms of dollars required by business decision makers.
  • Our services team is the most experienced in the world in launching and training quantitative risk analysis and risk management programs. We also offer RiskLens Pro, an easy and affordable managed service for clients without in-house experience.

“We greatly appreciate the recognition through this award, as RiskLens is currently the only cyber risk quantification platform, trusted in real-world business environments around the world, from Fortune 1,000 companies to SMBs, designed specifically on the the world’s most trusted risk quantification, Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR™),” said Bryan Smith, Chief Technology Officer of RiskLens.

Find out how the RiskLens platform and services can bring the benefits of risk quantification to your organization. Contact Us.

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