Restructured Secure Technology Alliance simplifies digital identification, mDL groups into a single forum

The Secure Technology Alliance (STA) has announced a restructuring of its organization and membership levels.

The move is intended to facilitate more efficient use of the organization’s collective resources and encourage even greater member collaboration among affiliated groups.

“As we enter our fourth decade, we celebrate our rich legacy of achievement and are pleased that the collaboration our organization enables is more important than ever,” said Jason Bohrer, CEO of the Secure Technology Alliance.

“To position ourselves for future success, we are implementing changes that will better serve the members of our organization, their industries and their customers.”

The structure changes will reportedly be based on the model of the US Payments Forum (USPF), which is also one of the groups affiliated with the Alliance.

To this end, the STA launched the Identity and Access Forum, which will combine the STA’s current Identity and Access Councils, including its mobile driver’s license (mDL), digital ID initiatives and other related activities into one group.

According to Bohrer, the new structure will allow all STA members and their forums to participate in any organization-wide activity, as well as strengthen STA’s ability to help advance the adoption of best practices and security technologies.

“Enabling stakeholders from across industries to come together in a neutral forum to discuss relevant issues and advance key initiatives has proven powerful and effective in improving the quality and security of our connected lives in ways we now take for granted.” .

In addition, the restructuring will make the STA easier to scale by establishing new forums as the market develops and will streamline membership fees into a common structure across the organization.

“Looking ahead, only by working together can we achieve our mission of continually improving security and user experiences in the increasingly interconnected payment, identity and access industries we serve,” concludes Bohrer.

The STA has been promoting the adoption of mDL in the US and said that when Apple adopted ISO/IEC interoperability standards last year, it would advance digital IDs.

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