Release Date, Cast, and Everything We Know

Dragon Ball Super: Superhero debuted in Japan on June 11, and international fans of the anime franchise are eager for the film to make its way overseas. Fortunately, its world theatrical release is not far off. The second dragon ball super The film will arrive this summer. So when is the release date of Dragon Ball Super: Superhero And what can fans expect?

What is the release date of ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’?

Gohan fighting the villain of 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero', which has a release date in August worldwide.  The two have their heads against each other and look angry.

Gohan vs. Gamma 1 in ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ | Bird Study/Shueisha

The worldwide release date of Dragon Ball Super: Superhero It varies depending on where you live, but the film will hit theaters outside of Japan starting in August.

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