Queen Camilla left ‘laughing out loud’ as royals forced her to climb ‘through the window’ | royal | News

Royal commentator Angela Levin has revealed how she witnessed the queen climb out of a window during an engagement related to her royal charity work. Camilla reportedly walked out of her groundbreaking entrance “laughing out loud” at the unusual situation she found herself in. Mrs. Levin claimed that her “special” meeting with her queen consort inspired her to later write a biography of Camilla’s life.

Speaking to Australia’s 7News network, Ms Levin reported: “I first met [Camilla] in 2015, when he was profiling her for Newsweek.

“They said, ‘Would you like to join her in an engagement?’ and I said yes please.

“They came back and said that I was going to spend the day in a rape center and I thought it was the most extraordinary thing that someone would ask a journalist to come see.”

The Queen Consort has dedicated many of her years within the Royal Family to supporting charities that work with victims of sexual abuse.

Ms. Levin continued: “I went there and it was a safe house, so [Camilla] decided not to go through the front door.

“He climbed up an iron ladder in the back and climbed in through the window, laughing out loud at the awkwardness of it all.”

It was suggested that the decision to have the Queen Consort enter through a discreet back entrance was made to protect the privacy of the safe house she attended.

The royal author added: “I thought, this is a special woman. We didn’t know much about it, and I decided I’d like to write a biography of her.”

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Angela Levin has since written the biography. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: from outcast to queen consort.

The book covers Camilla’s transformative journey within the Royal Family to become one of the “key members” of the institution.

A description of the biography highlights how the queen consort’s image has changed from a woman “blamed by the public” for the breakdown of a royal marriage, to “one of the hardest working royals”.

Her changing relationship with members of the Royal Family has also been discussed, with the late Queen Elizabeth II’s decision to state that it was her “dearest wish” that Camilla inherit the title of Queen Consort cited as a key indicator of her acceptance. within the institution.

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