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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A Memphis mother, eight months pregnant, is missing after she woke up Friday to find sewage all over her patio and walkway leading to her unit at the Lakeville Townhomes complex in south Memphis.

Deshonkierra Kennedy told FOX13 that this is the second time in his nearly two years living on the property that he has found feces and toilet paper leaking across the floor.

“Were you able to contact someone to see if they could fix this problem?” she asked the complex’s property management over the phone.

“Yes, ma’am,” a rep replied. “They got a plumber, but they’re not sure when they’ll be able to get out.”

Kennedy remembered the time he went outside and found the mess.

“I looked at the poop, it was urine, tissues with poop on it, etcetera,” he said.

Kennedy said he has been trying to resolve the situation since Friday morning with no luck.

“We’ve done everything we can do, ma’am,” a Lakeville representative told her during her call.

“That’s not all they can do, because they’re home enjoying their vacation while I’m home frustrated with how I’m going to live in my home with urine and feces outside,” Kennedy said.

“I’m sorry Ms. Kennedy, there’s nothing we can do,” the representative said.

FOX13 called the Lakeville Townhomes about a half hour after Kennedy’s call and a representative said they were unaware of the issue.

Kennedy said that when the sewage first appeared, it blocked her access to the parking lot and her boyfriend used a broom to clear the path. Even with that pat, Kennedy still has to watch her steps when entering or leaving her house, since the toilet paper remains on the floor.

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“My house is stinking,” he said. “My neighbor says that when she came out, she didn’t smell anything but feces and urine.”

Kennedy said the same thing happened in June, but the situation was quickly resolved as it did not take place over a holiday weekend.

“It’s the sewer line that’s right outside the door where it comes out of,” he said.

The latter has Kennedy questioning whether it might be time to pack up and go.

“Either they fix it or I move from this place,” he said. “Maybe this isn’t a place for someone to live.”

When FOX13 overheard Kennedy calling property management, a representative told her a plumber would arrive at her unit on Monday. She thinks it’s too long for a pregnant mother to live in filth.

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