Pozo: “Football gives you a second chance and we don’t miss that”

With 3,086 league minutes, Pozo is Almeria’s most-used outfield player, played by Rubi. The Sevillian ensures that the dressing room has already turned the page of the hammer blow against Alcorcón and is now looking to achieve promotion in Butarque in a new chance that football is offering them. “We’ve got to look at it as another one, correcting Saturday’s mistakes and using them to turn things around and go full speed ahead to try and win. The whole team has an incredible longing for Sunday.”, points to the right side, which highlights the hunger of the red and white booth. There is a tremendous desire, this week is going to be long again and as the team is young with a desire to do great things we quickly part ways and go to our deaths. We have to go like we did against Burgos or Real B: Keeping a clean sheet, which would be a big step in the whole game because we usually have clear chances. I hope they go in,” she reveals.

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Pozo sees the glass as half full and maintains that Almería needs to be in the top two. “From the outside you could see that Saturday was a game that was easy to win, but in front of us was a very strong rival with incredible will. We are all human and we didn’t have a day on Saturday. Thanks to the work throughout the season we will have another ball on Sunday, we would all have signed for direct promotion on the last day.”, It says. “We know that the second division is very complicated, even if you finish last and are relegated. You can’t despise a rival and we tried to normalize everything outwardly that was experienced but we weren’t doing well and we went home very pissed off. There’s another chance to win on Sunday and we don’t miss this direct promotion,” he continues.

“The night of the game and the next day we were fucked up, angry to have it in our hands at home to show the fans in front of our people that the team deserved it. It was very nice, it wasn’t like that and we had to switch off. Now we really want to kill ourselves in Butarque. At five o’clock in the morning I looked up at the ceiling for no reason and without believing it. It was a very hard blow, but football gives you a second chance, and it does it this week. From Sunday there will be no way out,” continues the Sevillian, thinking of the “1” and not an “X” that could also bring promotion. “We have to go out there to win without thinking about what the rivals are doing. When the end is near and depending on the result, he will ask himself. We’re among the best visitors in the category and it’s up to us to get the three points,” he explains.

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Analyzes Saturday’s mistakes, shows maximum respect for Leganés. “Name for name they have a first team. Last year they were on top and two years ago they were on top. It’s not going to make things easy and we have to take the pressure off of thinking that we’re three points away from direct promotion, thinking that it’s still one and we’re sure we’ll get there. They’re saved and they’re letting go, players who haven’t had many minutes and want to show off. It will be a two-way match and hopefully he falls on our side.”comments on it and complains about how difficult it is to climb directly on this course. “Normally at this point you would have already climbed up with 80 points in previous years, but this year Segunda is one of the most competitive in Europe, with three teams separated by two points and anything can happen. That’s the nice thing, hopefully one of these two teams belongs to us because we’ve been fighting all year,” he enthuses.

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