Plot details for thrilling Captain America: New World Order leak, teasing an incredible twist for the MCU

Captain America: No Way Home Y Ray will end Phase 4 of the MCU in 2024. We’ve already started to see a lot of exciting plot details for both movies. Many of the leaks have focused on Rayexplaining why this crossover will be so exciting, but now we have a new set of captain america 4 rumors revealing an exciting twist for the MCU.

Assuming these plot details work, New world order could be just as important for the biggest multiverse saga story like Civil war it was for him infinite saga. We can’t talk about these huge captain america 4 leaks before we tell you what significant spoilers follow below.

The captain america 4 villain

captain america 4 It will be Anthony Mackie’s first major outing as Captain America. if you saw The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, so you know that Disney Plus only gave us the “origin story” of Sam Wilson as Cap. But there’s a lot of pressure on Marvel to deliver a great Captain America sequel with Mackie as the lead.

wonder wants New world order have high stakes. That’s why he’s bringing in Harrison Ford to play Thunderbolt Ross in the sequel.

Recent reports delivered mind-blowing plot details about the movie. Sam will reportedly form the new Avengers team in New world order, since he will fight against Ross. That’s President Ross, not just Secretary Ross from the earlier movies.

We already think we know how Ross will rise through the ranks to become US President, though there’s no confirmation on that.

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Falcon and the winter soldier
Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) wearing the new Captain America suit revealed in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier final. Image Source: Marvel Studios

When we discussed the rumors, we explained that Ross would have to be doing something truly evil for Sam to simply go against the US government. Not only that, but other Avengers would also have to agree with Captain America to join. to his team and fight President Ross.

Put another way, President Ross seems to be the main villain of New world order.

Why would President Ross become the bad guy? captain america 4? Well, it’s not like Secretary Ross has always been on the side of the Avengers. Let’s not forget that he tried to arrest the faction of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) in the aftermath of Civil war. And he should become the Red Hulk in the future, so there’s a lot of evil potential for the character.

Exciting New world order Leaks Detail Big Plot Twist

We saw a series of leaks over the weekend explaining why the Avengers would rise up against Ross and why he would turn evil.

A Marvel leaker who calls himself Can we get some toast? said that adamantium will appear for the first time in the MCU in New world order.

If the leak is accurate, we’ll know that Tiamut’s head is made from the popular material from the X-Men adventures. Tiamut Island, one of the great eternal plot holes that need fixing will be made of adamantium. And that is why the powers of the world will go to war. We already know that they are capable of that since wakandan foreverwhere they have started attacking Wakanda for vibranium.

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Separately, well-known Marvel leaker Daniel Richtman said that island of Tiamut will be known as Genosha. And the Thunderbolts will be heading to the island in their movie to find adamantium. That certainly sounds like something President Ross and Val (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) would want.

But it gets much better than that. The same leaker said that President Ross will be the main villain of captain america 4. Multiple unnamed villains will appear in New world order as they also want adamantium. Like President Ross and other countries.

If these New world order plot details are accurate, captain america 4 It will be a massive movie. It will give us a new team of Avengers and introduce adamantium, bringing us even closer to the X-Men. It will only be a matter of time until the MCU gets its Wolverine, and I’m not just talking about Hugh Jackman reprising the famous role of him for Deadpool 3.

As always, we have no way of verifying any of this. But New world order opens in theaters on May 3, 2024. And Ray hits theaters on July 26, 2024. The plot leaks are just beginning.

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