Peter Kay’s best TV cameos over the years from Coronation Street to Doctor Who

Peter Kay is believed to be set to announce his comeback tour later this year, but the star has made plenty of other appearances over the years. These are some of his best cameos.

Peter Kay is reportedly set to reveal plans for a huge comeback tour
Peter Kay is reportedly set to reveal plans for a huge comeback tour

Peter Kay is ready to confirm his return after six years out of the spotlight.

He previously canceled plans for his 2018 concert set due to “unforeseen family circumstances.”

“He has lined up big venues across the country, including Manchester, London and Birmingham, and hopes to announce it in September,” a source told the Sun.

“Peter hasn’t performed a live stand-up on a big stage in over a decade, but he couldn’t be more ready to return.”

The beloved comedian may have been away for a while, but he still has a catalog of memorable TV appearances on the BBC, ITV and more.

Some of his cameos are highlights of the respective series and all are must-sees for anyone eager to see Peter again.

Here’s a rundown of some of his most memorable cameos.

Coronation Street

Peter Kay as Eric Gartside in Coronation Street

Between 1997 and 2004, Peter made several appearances on the ITV soap opera Coronation Street.

His first role was as a shopfitter in a scene with Elizabeth Bradley, who played the curmudgeonly Maud.

Later, he walked back across the cobblestones as Eric Gartside, a wheelwright who tries his luck with Rovers Return waitress Shelley Unwin, played by Sally Lindsay.

Both Peter and Sally are actually close friends outside of the long-running soap.

wallace and gromit

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit released in 2005


IPU Press Office)

Peter’s cameos don’t end with live action, as he also transitioned into animation.

Wallace and Gromit is a British classic that is enjoyed all over the world and in 2005 it made the leap to the big screen with The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit.

Peter voiced police officer PC McIntosh in the Steve Box and Nick Park animated film.

Mrs Brown’s Boys

Peter Kay made a surprise appearance in Mrs Brown’s Boys

Mrs Brown is still here after 20 years on UK screens, but back in 2005 she was still enjoying her original series.

The show was a huge success and the celebrity cameos made it even more popular.

One of the most memorable was courtesy of Peter, who appeared as Jason the travel agent.

He later made another appearance on stage at the Manchester Opera House to give his friend in the cast a birthday surprise.

Dressed as a plumber, he surprised Irish comedian Brendan O’Carroll, who plays the title role.

the league of gentlemen

Peter Kay appeared in the movie The League of Gentlemen


BBC/James Stack)

This British sitcom ran from 1999 for four seasons before heading to the big screen with The League of Gentleman’s Apocalypse.

The cast brought together Michael Sheen as Jeremy, Mark Gatiss as Matthew, Steve Pemberton as Tubbs, and Reece Shearsmith as Edwards, along with other familiar faces.

Peter was one of them, as he delighted audiences with a surprise cameo in the film.

He played a medieval servant in the film, with Gatiss commenting at the time, “He was a pleasure to work with.

“Peter was altering his lines all the time and we were laughing a lot because he couldn’t stop laughing.”

doctor who

The Abzorbaloff was a fan-made creation.

Following the massively successful Doctor Who reboot in 2005, the second series saw David Tennant take on the iconic title role.

It was the biggest show on UK television and the cameos started pouring in.

During a 2006 episode, Love And Monsters, Peter played a central role.

The synopsis for the episode reads: “Elton Pope (Marc Warren) is an everyman intrigued by the world of the Doctor. When he and his fellow enthusiast LINDA meet the mysterious Victor Kennedy (Peter Kay), their lives will never be the same again.”

It turns out that Victor was actually the “Abzorbaloff”, one of the most memorable villains in Doctor Who history.

It was an alien with the ability to absorb people into it, and only its face remained visible.

A YouTuber, ChannelPup, designed the character and won a BBC competition to feature him in an episode.

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