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The Indian box office for James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water is already off to a fantastic start. The film earned Rs 38-40 crore on Friday, its opening day. Fans have waited 13 years for the second part of the movie to come out, and now, in just two days, Avatar has wowed people. The movie became popular due to the story, the impressive CGI and the overall visual aspect of the movie. Now that the second part of the film has been released; many have taken to social networking sites to share their thoughts.

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Take a look at some of the reactions below:

One person shared a meme about how he grew up after waiting 13 years for the second part.

Another Twitter user went to see the movie in the morning, however, the tickets were already sold out!

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Another Twitter user spoke specifically about a character in the movie.

A fourth Twitter user called the film “the greatest cinematic achievement.”

Someone even said that this is the ‘best movie experience they’ve ever had’.

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Avatar: The Way of Water has received positive reviews from critics. Debuting on more than 12,000 screens in the US and Canada and 40,000 screens worldwide, the film will be one of the most widely distributed Disney films ever.

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