People Are Rewatching Leonardo DiCaprio And Matt Damon Classic On Netflix

People have been coming back to look The dead people again after it landed on Netflix. Watch the trailer here:

While it’s known for producing its own catalog of blockbuster movies and thought-provoking documentaries, the streaming site also boasts a plethora of classics.

And it recently added Martin Scorsese’s gangster thriller to its impressive list, which is in the top 10 movies in the UK at the moment.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, the 2006 film stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Jack Nicholson, who are caught in a game of cat and mouse.

A synopsis for the film reads: “South Boston cop Billy Costigan (DiCaprio) goes undercover to infiltrate the organization of underworld boss Frank Costello (Nicholson).

As Billy gains the mobster’s trust, a career criminal named Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon) infiltrates the police department and reports his activities to his syndicate bosses.

The Departed is on Netflix.  Credit: Plan B Entertainment
The Departed is on Netflix. Credit: Plan B Entertainment

“When both organizations learn they have a mole in their midst, Billy and Colin must discover each other’s identities to save their own lives.”

When it was released, the film was roundly praised and has since scored an impressive 90 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

One reviewer wrote, “The shocking violence is well placed. The action scenes are always understandable, there are no jump traps here, and the suspense will have you fidgeting in your seat. What a cork.”

While another added: “This is rich and satisfying material with Scorsese rediscovering his masterful ability to deliver a crackling narrative with acid dialogue delivered by a talented cast.”

And those who have rewatched it since it hit Netflix say it has definitely stood the test of time.

One user said: “I haven’t been on Netflix for a few weeks to come in and watch The dead people has been added, what a treat!”

Another chimed in: “Looking The dead people once again on @netflix. Scorsese’s masterpiece.”

“Reviewed The dead people since it was put on Netflix recently. I forgot how great that movie was,” put in a third.

While another added: “I just saw my favorite movie of all time is on Netflix. If anyone hasn’t seen The dead people I suggest you tune in as soon as you get a chance to do so… a Scorsese masterpiece.”

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