Peaky Blinders: The Rise is coming

    (Peaky Blinders: The Rise)

(Peaky Blinders: The Rise)

Even though the show is officially over, that’s no reason not to get your Peaky Blinders fix, and this year you’ll get to get up close and personal with the characters like never before.

That’s right, the new Peaky Blinders immersive experience is coming to London. Called Peaky Blinders: The Rise, it promises to offer an action-packed night on the town, where visitors can drink, dance and plan the hours.

intrigued? Here’s everything you need to know about the hottest new ticket in London. (By order of the Peaky Blinders. Naturally.)

Where is Peaky Blinders: The Rise?

It’s not often that a live event takes place in the same location as the film set, but that’s exactly what’s at stake for Peaky Blinders: The Rise.

Located in Camden Garrison, it’s just minutes from the setting of Solomons’ Yard, the home of infamous London hustler Alfie Solomons (played by Tom Hardy). Hit the cobblestones and enjoy the atmosphere!

What is the premise?

Visitors to the new experience will be immersed in 1920s London (circa Season 2), as Tommy Shelby fights for control of the City of London.

The event synopsis offers plenty of intrigue for both the casual and devoted fan.

“With the approval of North London kingpin Alfie Solomons, Tommy personally invites you to a family reunion at Shelby’s warehouse in Camden,” it reads.

“Tommy has a plan that could be lucrative for everyone and it promises to be a night of celebration.

    (Peaky Blinders: The Rise)

(Peaky Blinders: The Rise)

“Whether you relax at the Camden Garrison Pub with Arthur, advise Tommy on his business matters in his office, or conspire with the Italians at the Eden Club, you decide how the family reunion goes. However, you must keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground.

“Tommy’s enemies are closer than you think, and they may want to make you an offer you’ll find hard to refuse.”

What else can you expect?

In addition to soaking in the atmosphere (and enjoying the props, many of which are taken directly from the show’s set), there will be plenty of opportunities to do a double deal with the sprawling cast.

These include Tommy Shelby himself (played by Craig Hamilton), Arthur Shelby (Kieran Mortell), and Aunt Polly (Emma Stansfield).

The director of the show, Tom Maller, has also given many hints about what visitors will be able to enjoy.

“Our audience is an integral part of what we are creating, our audience will play a key part of our show. They will have agency,” he explained at a recent press event.

“In this show we are going to push the limits with everything we have done before, in any immersive show. We are going to create multiple results, multiple endings for the program.

“So the actions of the audience and their choices over two and a half hours have a direct effect on the end of the show.”

In practice, this means that audience members will be able to choose their sides, using fake in-game money to place bets, play cards, and fund their favorite gang. Will they choose to side with the Shelbys? Or will they switch allegiances and start working for Alfie Solomons, or even the Italians?

“Which gang ends up with the most money, money is power, will rule London,” warns Maller. “It’s a fight to run London.”

Color us excited.

When does Peaky Blinders: The Rise start?

The show will open its doors from Friday, June 24.

Ticket prices range from £39 for a Sunday night performance to £72 for a Saturday night performance.

You can book tickets at

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