Why I’m finally ready to get my own feminist magazine

I have finally decided to get rid of my own brand, which has been around for almost 10 years.It was not easy.I have always been a product of the patriarchy, and when I began to feel like I was losing my identity, I realized that I had to go back

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Why do women’s interests magazines exist?

In the fall of 2008, I was on the cover of one of the most respected magazines in the world, Glamour.The cover featured the first image of a woman wearing a dress and a headscarf.I was also featured on the back cover with a picture of a young woman wearing

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Women’s Basketball magazine titles – ‘The Next Wave’

Women’s basketball magazines are now the biggest sellers of all time in the UK, and now, in a major blow to the UK’s male-dominated media, the biggest female-run sports publications are also the biggest sales.The rise in the number of women-run titles in the past two years has been the

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Why is it so hard to find a woman’s weekly magazine?

It’s the biggest magazine market in Canada, and the women’s lifestyle, arts, and travel magazines have been a mainstay of the women and men’s magazines for decades.Now, a new report from the Canadian Press shows women’s magazines are losing out to the men’s titles as women turn to the internet

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How to tell if your friend is dating a sports team

A new study shows that many women don’t want to date sports teams because they fear they’ll be ridiculed.A new study published in the Journal of Communication shows that women who don’t identify as sports fans often feel uncomfortable in sports clubs, because they don’t know if their friend is

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Singapore’s women’s magazine 1800s: The ‘Queen of Modern Beauty’

A new women’s periodical from Singapore aims to highlight the beauty and individuality of the 1800s Singaporean women.In The Queen of Modern, the magazine looks at the women’s lives as they relate to their environment, family and society at the time.“I hope the magazine helps to bring a fresh perspective

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When women go to bed, magazines can help them relax

When women get up, magazines get them out.They’re like the perfect pillow for them, according to women’s fashion expert Mary-Ann Ziegler.“It’s like a blanket,” she told the New York Times.“If you get too cold, you put it on.It’s a way to cool down.”The same goes for the women’s clothing industry,

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When the media is telling you what to do, why not just do it?

Posted October 14, 2019 08:07:39In the run up to the Commonwealth Games, a growing number of women’s magazines have been reporting on what happens to women athletes at the games.It’s not just about winning medals, but the emotional impact of being forced to compete for something that is seen as

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How to look for a woman’s passport

The best way to find out if a woman is a woman and the best way not to is to ask her if she has a passport.It is a question which is asked by people from the Asian continent, but it is also one which has been asked by many

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